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Behavioural Supports Ontario

Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) was developed as a partnership between the government of Ontario, the Alzheimer Knowledge Exchange and the Alzheimer Society of Ontario. Launched in 2011, the BSO program provided funding to each local health integration network for new staff, such as nurses and train them in specialized skills needed to better care for people with dementia.

By providing more personalized support to Ontarians with dementia in long-term care, BSO has improved care for people with dementia and lessened incidents of responsive behaviours. In 3 pilot homes, percent of residents with worsening behaviour, such as aggression or wandering, decreased from 17% to 11%. In another pilot home, one resident with a history of difficult behaviour had her intake of antipsychotic medication reduced from 25-30 doses a month to almost zero.

BSO has received a $40 million dollar investment from the province of Ontario to be rolled about across the province.  The program is an example of how because of your support the Alzheimer’s Society of Ontario has been able to provide the knowledge and expertise to improve the lives of people with dementia in Ontario.

BSO update - March 26, 2015

Last Updated: 11/08/2017