Volunteer Profile - Kristina Cuglietta

I have been a volunteer receptionist and administrative assistant with the Alzheimer Society for about a year, and it has truly been a wonderful experience.  As someone who is passionate about giving back to the community, I can fully appreciate the impact that the Alzheimer Society has on the lives of many individuals all across Canada.  The atmosphere in the office is always pleasant, and all of the staff members are extremely welcoming and friendly.  I have always admired their hard-working personalities and their professionalism, even if difficult situations and I aspire to gain these respectable qualities.  In a world of busy people concerned with their own activities, it is truly heart-warming that my co-workers take the time to make me feel appreciated, despite my responsibilities seeming small.  In my opinion, this makes my experiences at the Alzheimer Society stand out from all of the other volunteer positions I have taken on in the past. 

My duties as a receptionist include answering and directing telephone calls, interacting with clients, collecting donations and assisting in various other office-related tasks.  I like that my responsibilities are never consistent; one day I may be organizing file folders, making spreadsheets, or cutting up newspapers, while another may be a quieter day where I am given time to relax.  These varied duties make my time at the Alzheimer Society fun and interesting.  My favourite aspect of volunteering is the interaction with others in the community, as I enjoy the opportunity to communicate and socialize with others.  More importantly, I love being able to comfort those who have been deeply touched by Alzheimer’s disease, as it allows me the satisfaction in knowing that I am truly making a difference in their lives.  I am an aspiring physician, and I believe that empathy and understanding are extremely important aspects of health care, thus I believe that my experiences at the Alzheimer Society will extend far beyond the office walls in the future.

As someone who has been personally and deeply affected by mental illnesses and Alzheimer’s disease, I am truly thankful for my time at the Society.  I consider everything that I have learned to be extremely valuable and am so thankful for this opportunity.  I would recommend this position to anyone looking to give back to the community in a warm and friendly environment.  I can say with absolute certainty that you will definitely find that here.

Kristina Cuglietta

Last Updated: 11/08/2017