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First Link offers a single point of entry to appropriate health-care information and referral to other services available locally, such as medications, activity programs, education and life planning.
  • Quickly connects them to programs and services at the Alzheimer Society of Thunder Bay, including:                                                                                        
    • One-on-one and family counselling and support groups
    • Tips for navigating the health system to get the care they need
    • Five-part learning series of workshops tailor-made for families at various stages of the illness. Topics include practical information about the disease and daily living, positive approaches to care, strategies for challenges and how to prepare for the end of life.
  • Links them to other health and social service providers in our community
  • Helps them find resources to manage issues such as decision-making, adjusting to the loss of a driver’s licence, financial planning, power of attorney and long-term care placement

Issues like driving and dementia are difficult for physicians. And the number of drivers with dementia is set to rise. Through First Link, physicians can reduce the explanation time to patient and family and help an angry patient to adjust to the loss of their driving license.

To make First Link a part of your practice, download the referral form and contact the Alzheimer Society of Thunder Bay for more information.  Our First Link Coordinator can be reached by calling (807) 345-9556 or 1-888-887-5140 or by e-mailing [email protected].


Last Updated: 11/08/2017