Blue Umbrella Project

Note: The Blue Umbrella Project has been placed on hold until further funding is made available.
The Alzheimer Society of Thunder Bay, in partnership with the Ontario Trillium Foundation, is pleased to launch the Dementia-Friendly Community education program in Thunder Bay. There are over 2,800 people living with dementia in Thunder Bay and District. This project aims to provide local businesses and organizations with education about dementia, and strategies to provide good customer service to people living with dementia.  

As a business/organization in Thunder Bay, you have a unique opportunity to be part of the pilot phase of this project at no charge to you. Participating in the Dementia-Friendly Community education program is an excellent opportunity for your business to provide a higher quality service to new and existing customers. By participating in the program you will encourage people living with dementia and their family members and friends to choose you.
  • The education training program for businesses is one hour long, and additional handouts and resources are provided for staff (see reverse for program details).
  • The Dementia-Friendly Community education program will help people with dementia to feel safe, to be supported in their independence, and to have a positive experience in the community.
  • Businesses that participate and complete the program can proudly display a blue umbrella decal identifying them as a partner who provides a dementia-friendly experience, and will have the opportunity to be named in our dementia-friendly directory of businesses and organizations.

Local businesses that have become Dementia Friendly Certified: 

  • Chartwell Select (Arundel)
  • Chartwell Select (Isabella)
  • Chartwell Select (Glacier Ridge)
  • Investors Group Thunder Bay 
  • Oak Medical Arts (Beverly) 
  • Oak Medical Arts (Cumberland) 
  • Oak Medical Arts (Golf Links) 
  • Shoppers Home Health Care

Check out this interactive map of Thunder Bay. Each pin represents a local business or organization that has received training and is certified Dementia Friendly.

Training and Education for Businesses and Organizations

After  the successful completion of the Dementia-Friendly Communities training, the business/organization will be given the opportunity to be included in on the Alzheimer Society of Thunder Bay's website and newsletter.

  1. Initial Interview and Assessment 
  2. Dementia-Friendly Training with Staff
  3. Follow Up: Site Check In
  4. Receive blue umbrella decal
  5. Evaluation: Secret Shopper visit (1-3 months post education session)
  6. Follow ups (3-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months) 

Last Updated: 09/12/2018