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Raise Your Voice, Narrow the Gap

747,000 Canadians are living with dementia and that number is expected to rise 19% by 2020.  In 2011, family caregivers spent 444 million unpaid hours per year looking after someone with dementia.  Today, the combined medical cost and the cost of lost productivity total $33 billion per year, which will increase to a staggering $293 billion by 2040.  The health care system is not deploying the resources necessary to manage the already overwhelming prevalence of dementia, and is not prepared for what the future will bring.
We need your help to ensure people living with dementia and their families become a priority.  Raise your voice by inviting your local MPP to ask the Ontario Government to:
  • Assign targeted funding for community supports
  • Provide for more staff in long-term care with specific skills to support people with dementia
  • Establish a fair and standard wait time for long-term care

Raise your voice by completing the e-mail letter to your local MPP here

The more voices come forward, the louder our collective voice will be, making this disease harder to ignore.

Local Awareness Efforts

In the district of Thunder Bay, more than 2,800 people are living with dementia, and we estimate that for every person with dementia, at least 12 more people are affected including family, friends and caregivers.  
Thank you for taking the first step to providing Help for Today. Hope for Tomorrow...® by learning more.
Local Alzheimer Society Ambassador and business owner, Bob Stewart, is a care partner for his mother Margaret, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 1998.  Bob is speaking about his family's journey with Alzheimer's disease and what we all can do to make the future journeys of those yet to be diagnosed, better.   

For a full overview of Bob and his family's dementia journey, please click here.

Still Alice Screenings in Thunder Bay


The Alzheimer Society of Thunder Bay has obtained a 5-year Public Performance Showing Rights from Criterion Pictures, for the film Still Alice. We are always looking to increase awareness of Alzheimer's disease, and this beautiful film has been the starting point for many discussions. If you'd like to host a screening, find out more.

Blue Umbrella Project 

The Alzheimer Society of Thunder Bay, in partnership with the Ontario Trillium Foundation, is pleased to launch the Dementia-Friendly Community education program in Thunder Bay. There are over 2,800 people living with dementia in Thunder Bay and District. This project aims to provide local businesses and organizations with education about dementia, and strategies to provide good customer service to people living with dementia.  

As a business/organization in Thunder Bay, you have a unique opportunity to be part of the pilot phase of this project at no charge to you. Participating in the Dementia-Friendly Community education program is an excellent opportunity for your business to provide a higher quality service to new and existing customers. By participating in the program you will encourage people living with dementia and their family members and friends to choose you.
  • The education training program for businesses is one hour long, and additional handouts and resources are provided for staff (see reverse for program details).
  • The Dementia-Friendly Community education program will help people with dementia to feel safe, to be supported in their independence, and to have a positive experience in the community.
  • Businesses that participate and complete the program can proudly display a blue umbrella decal identifying them as a partner who provides a dementia-friendly experience, and will have the opportunity to be named in our dementia-friendly directory of businesses and organizations.

To learn more about the Blue Umbrella Project, please click here. 

Note: The Blue Umbrella Project has been placed on hold until further funding is made available.


Local Media Coverage

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Last Updated: 09/12/2018