Recreation Therapy Program


Therapeutic Recreation is the purposeful  planning and implementation of strengths-based recreation activities. It allows individuals to acquire and/or maintain skills, enjoy their leisure optimally, and enhance quality of life with the overall goal of achieving well-being.

The process of identifying an individual’s interests, hobbies, and leisure activities and  assisting the person to return to some of those enjoyable pursuits. A Recreation Therapist is trained to identify past and present interests as well as significant life events that would have an impact on the individual’s leisure activities.  In collaboration with the individual and his/her care partner, the Recreation Therapist creates a treatment plan that assist the individual in his/her recreational pursuits by adapting previously-enjoyed activities or  introducing new ones.

 Recreation Therapy


Recreation Therapy is available to individuals  living with dementia, throughout all stages of the disease. The program will be available to  you as long as you are living at home and continue to benefit from the program. If you are in hospital for an extended period, or if you move to a long-term care home, you will be discharged from the program.



Participants  are referred to the Home Therapeutic Recreation Program through Alzheimer Society of Thunder bay Social Workers, the First Link Care Navigator or Public Education Coordinators. The Therapeutic Recreationist will work with the individual and their family to provide a flexible, client-centered treatment program. This will be achieved through initial assessment, gathering a leisure inventory about the individual, and implementing   appropriate interventions.



The Therapeutic Recreationist will visit the  individual living with dementia in their home, typically once a week to assist them in pursuing their recreational interests. This will be done through various recreation activities or by utilizing an Activity Kit. This kits are created by the Therapeutic  Recreationist and tailored to each individuals interests. They are filled with various items for them to use independently, or with the Recreationist. The Therapeutic  Recreationist will determine if you would benefit from the regular visits or by having an activity kit created for them to utilize independently or with their care partner.



 · Improve physical and cognitive abilities

· Increase confidence and self-esteem

· Strengthen independence, interpersonal skills and relationships

· Improve coping and adaptation skills

· Enhance well-being

· Realize the benefits of a healthy leisure lifestyle



There is no cost for the Recreation Therapy Program. Thanks to the generosity of individuals and businesses in our community, program costs are covered through donations and fundraising events.

 To Register for this program, call (807) 345-9556.

The Alzheimer Society of Thunder Bay would like to thank the Thunder Bay Community Foundation for their support of this program. Funds used from this grant will supply all of the At-Home Activity Kits.

TBay Community Foundation


Last Updated: 03/18/2020