The Client Flow Continuum Presentation to the Central LHIN Board of Directors, (2009)

On Tuesday September 22nd, 2009, the Alzheimer Society of York Region was invited to make a presentation to the Central Local Health Integration Network (C-LHIN) Board of Directors. The presentation focused on “The Client Flow Continuum: Community Supports for Dementia.” 
The LHINs are not-for-profit organizations that are responsible for planning, integrating and funding local health services in 14 different geographic areas of the province. The LHINs are intended to be the managers for health services that are delivered in hospitals, long-term care facilities, community health centres, community support services and mental health agencies.
The Alzheimer Society of York Region operates within the Central LHIN, which comprises York Region, northern Toronto and south Simcoe. It is the most populous and ethnically diverse LHIN in Ontario. Our LHIN is home to over 1.6 million residents. The incidence of Dementia within the Central LHIN is expected to increase by approximately 40% in less than ten years.
The presentation concluded with a call for the Board of Directors to develop a Comprehensive Dementia Strategy to address the growth of the disease within the Central LHIN.     
Opening Remarks                     


Thank You Remarks from Central LHIN CEO

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