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Finding Your Way -

Alzheimer's Awareness Month interview - The Feed with Jim Lang as heard on 105.9 The Region

Jennifer and Feroze - Alzheimer's Awareness Month - Newmarkettoday; Bradfordtoday; Collingwoodtoday ; ; Barrietoday

Jennifer and Feroze, Alzheimer's Awareness Month, Caring for the Caregiver -


105.9 The Region - Alzheimer's Awareness Month radio spot - Holiday tips for those impacted by dementia - Giving Tuesday - National Philanthropy Day

Snapd Aurora - Alzheimer's Awareness Month - Artwell

Snapd Markham - World Alzheimer's Day

CTV News - Dr. Allan Carswell, York University and AS York

Newmarkettoday - Coffee Break and Jane Kennedy

Newmarket today - Photos from Newmarket lighting up for World Alzheimer's Day

Newmarkettoday - World Alzheimer's Day

CBC - York University and AS York (CP)

York University press release - partnership

Education News Canada - York University and AS York

Newmarkettoday - Alzheimer's Awareness Month

Newmarkettoday - Partnership between York U and AS York

105.9 The Region - Coffee Break and World Alzheimer's Day - Anything for Alzheimer's

Snapd Aurora - June Andrews

Snapd Newmarket - Golf 2 Remember - Caregiver story - Nancy and Jody - Public Education Team - Golf 2 Remember - Golf 2 Remember

Vaughan Regional Councillor Linda Jackson's newsletter - Golf 2 Remember

The Feed interview - 105.9 The Region

Brain injury and dementia -

Letter to the editor - Georgina Advocate

IG Wealth Management - Stouffville Free Press

IG Wealth Management - Snapd Richmond Hill

IG Wealth Management -

IG Wealth Management - Press Release

IG Wealth Management - Bill Giannos Photography

IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer's 105.9 The Region radio spot

IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer's 105.9 The Region radio spot - the Briars

Ontario Trillium Foundation - Donor Appreciation -

IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer's, Jackson's Point - Snapd Georgina 

 IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer's, Richmond Hill - 105.9 The Region Radio spot

IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer's -

IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer's Honorary Family -

Snapd Aurora - Forget-Me-Not Breakfast

National Volunteer Week - 105.9 The Region spot

National Volunteer Week -

Richmond Hill Board of Trade April e-newsletter - Forget-Me-Not Breakfast

Vaughan Regional Councillor Linda Jackson e-newsletter - Forget-Me-Not Breakfast

Forget-Me-Not Breakfast -

Minds in Motion in Georgina - Georgina Post (Page 8)

Forget-Me-Not Breakfast -

Minds in Motion -

Minds in Motion -

Love story - Lionel and Christel Boxall -

Ontario Trillium Foundation awards AS York money to buy new vans -

CARERS program - Stouffville Free Press

Finding Your Way -

Alzheimer's Awareness Month -

- Appeared in Newmarket, Aurora, Georgina, Vaughan newspapers as well as online


#GivingTuesdayCA -

World Alzheimer's Month - Reshmi Chetram 

World Alzheimer's Month - Peter Smith

105.9 The Region The Feed interview about Investors Group Walk for Alzheimer's

DAY Centre Benefits Dementia Sufferers and Their Caregivers (Stouffville Free Press)

Premier Kathleen Wynne visits Stouffville DAY centre (AS York)

First Link Care Navigator comes to the Town of Georgina (The Georgina Post)


Older posts

Lifestyle changes to stave off Alzheimer's? Hints, no proof. (York Region Media Group)

Alzheimer Society of Ontario applauds Government of Ontario's investment in a provincial dementia strategy. (CNW)

A patient's experience in dementia care using the "lived experience" to improve care (Canadian Family Physician)

Why Canada needs a national dementia strategy (Ottawa Citizen)

#Make150Count recipient, Lily Edmunds delivers stuffies to Alzheimer's patients (CTV Barrie)

Jane Philpott signals support for a national dementia strategy (Globe & Mail)

Still Kathryn: At 21 she cared for a mom with Alzheimer's, (CBC Radio)

Conservative MP, Lisa Raitt talks about Alzheimer's, (National Post)

Toronto youth job program gets surprise cash boost, (The Toronto Star)

Caring for someone doesn't mean having to go it alone (Home & Long Term Care)

Caregivers are need more than ever, but burning out (The Toronto Star)

Long term care sector’s knowledge and expertise would be crucial to a dementia strategy

Canada needs a national strategy on dementia and a remarkable non-partisan private member’s bill points the way (The Toronto Star)

Bulk Barn donates $369,602 to Alzheimer Society Canada, (Snapd Aurora)

Living with dementia (Toronto Sun)

Video: Adult colouring books being used as therapy for those with dementia

Changing Perceptions (The Haliburton Echo)

Dementia stigma challenged (CBC News)

Dawna Friesen: ‘Diagnosis of dementia isn’t the end. It’s the beginning.’ (Global News)

Dementia strategy is needed (The Toronto Star)

NDP rolls out dementia strategy in multi-million dollar health care blitz (The Canadian Press)

Alzheimer's at 38? Meet Jo Aubin (Macleans)

Seniors going bankrupt in soaring numbers: couple fell deep into debt after husband developed dementia (CBC News)

Alzheimer's depicted: Memory fades, but life goes on (The Globe and Mail)

Nearly 3 in 10 NFL retirees expected to suffer from Alzheimer's disease or moderate dementia (The Globe and Mail)

Blurred Lines: Sexual consent for people with dementia (CBC The Current, listen to the episode)

Dementia patients sold unproven 'brainwave optimization' (CBC News)

Home adaptations for people living with dementia (Realty Times)

Dementia patients may one day get assistance from robot helpers (CBC News)

When it's time for long-term care (Zoomer magazine)

Blackhawks legend Mikita struggling with dementia, family says (TSN)

How are concussions and Alzheimer's disease linked? (The Toronto Star)

Louise Penny speaks out about life after her husband's dementia diagnosis (CBC News)

Learning to live with Alzheimer's (The Leader Post)

Women make up 72 percent of Alzheimer's patients: Alzheimer Society of Canada

Six in 10 people with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia become lost at least once. Why and how do we stop them? (Toronto Star)

Anxiety may accelerate the decline into Alzheimer's disease in older patients with mild memory problems (Globe and Mail)

Dementia Loss: Earlier Detection (Zoomer Magazine)

Alzheimer's researchers turn to Halifax brain bank (CBC News)

Bringing "Person-Centred Care" alive in home community and long-term care (Saint Elizabeth Health Care, press release)

Ambrose, provinces to come together to develop a national dementia strategy (Globe and Mail)

Canada needs a national dementia strategy (Toronto Star)

Life with Alzheimer's excerpt from "The Diary of One Women's Experience from Caregiver to Widow" by Joan Sutton (Toronto Star)

Spirit of the West lead singer, John Mann diagnosed with Alzheimer's (Toronto Star)

Five new projects announced through the Canada Brain Research Fund (Prime Minister's office)

Antipsychotic drugs prescribed to seniors at alarming rates, province finds (The Toronto Star)

Alzheimer's disease burden weighs heavily on women (CBC News)

New study shows connection between olfactory impairment and later dementia (HealthCanal)

Seth Rogen testifies at U.S. Senate hearing on Alzheimer's (MSNBC Video)

Active seniors more likely to 'age successfully'...>

Brain food on the menu when neuroscientists come for dinner...>


Pinpointing the connection beween diet and dementia...>


Canada must develop nationwide dementia strategy...

Devil in the details...>

Active body and mind cuts cognitive decline...>

Cholesterol increases risk of Alzheimer’s and heart disease...>

Inside the brains of people over 80 with exceptional memory...>

Conference to explore aspects of aging...>

Gene linked to higher Alzheimer’s risk in African Americans...>


Alzheimer's drugs also work for those in later stages of illness, study finds...>

Estate Planning for Seniors: How to Make Sound Decisions That Preserve Dignity...>


Four foods to keep your mind sharp (Video)...>

Hospice care helps those who are facing end of life and their family members transition to that last stage...>

Ontario schools will do more for students with head injuries under new legislation...>

Ontario nurses group releas new guidelines aimed at minimizing use of potentially harmful restraint...>

Yoga For Caregivers: Meditation May Lower Depression, Improve Brain Functioning In Dementia Caregivers...>

WHO: Healthy ageing -- adding life to years (Video)...>

Living a full life, despite Alzheimer`s ...>


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