Spanning the distance (anglais)

Virginia Laveau

Hello, Mom, it's time for our visit
Mother's silver head bent forward, eyes focused on a spot on the floor
Lost in millions of flashing pictures in her mind
Lips moving in time with unuttered conversation
Just yesterday, on the prairies, on the farm
Thrashing butchering, feeding work crews
Tending farm animals, home chores
Little time for fun, except school recess
Oh, the baseball games we played
Are you feeling okay, Mom?
Who's voice is echoing from a distance?
I'm too young to be a mom
Margaret dear sister, come and play
Go away Anne, just because you're older
Doesn't mean you can boss me around!
Look, Mom, I brought you an orchid
I know you love flowers, remember working in market gardens
In the greenhouse transplanting seedlings?
Echoing verbal vibrations, childhood ripples away
A connection formed across the cluster
Rerouting information, circumventing blockages
Spinning time clock advancing to young adulthood in milliseconds
Yes, I crawled up and down those endless rows
Weeding, thinning, picking fruitage
Long days of scorching sun, drenching rain
To the playful warnings of my boss
Hands on hips, eyes twinkling, and oriental Peter Pan
You kill'em my onions, I kill'em you
Can't you see their thick as hair in a dog?
You try to thin one without uprooting more
A brilliant smile played upon the mother's cherubic face
A flash of baby blue met a slightly turquoise copy
It's not one of the faceless care-workers
Focus, focus, confusion clears, Oh, it's you my daughter
Precious words crossed scorched neruons
To touch the heart of a concerned child
Who speaks for and to the childless ones
Fading into Alzheimer's incomprehensible confusion?

© Virginia Laveau 2013

Last Updated: 11/08/2017