The journey home (anglais)

Debbie Walsh

A tribute to Bill and Betty Walsh

I have stayed here too long, not sure where to go
Half asleep, half awake… not sure what I know
Images run by me, so many things I have seen
I cannot put them together in this chaos of dreams

Kind faces and warm memories appear and then fade
One moment I know them, when they leave I'm afraid
For a moment I see eyes, look back at me with love
But the names still escape me while I circle above

The whole world is foreign and a mystery to me
Like an unpainted canvas, as a child I see
But I am tired like a runner, some race still I run
No finish line before me, I am so tired and not young

Then in the distance, midst the fog, I hear a loon sing
I am drawn by the melody, I hear a church bell ring
I collect my last strength and make for the shore
In an instant I am, where I have been before

Over the water, thru the fog, a light I do see
There is laughter and joy and a memory of me
The clouds have all parted and the moon like the sun
Finishes its journey, while another day has begun

And there lies my life, gently lifted from its veil
Over the waves and the water, my soul will set sail
My eyes fill with tears, so long open yet blind
I embrace all my memories thought left behind

Many there to greet me, arms out stretched and a smile on their faces
As the current cradles me, I remember all and all in their places
Do not fear for me nor mourn me, too long did I roam
In the gentle lap of the waters, the tide carries me home.


© Debbie Walsh

Last Updated: 11/08/2017