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The ASRP Exchange is a webinar series that features innovative, cutting-edge researchers funded through the Alzheimer Society Research Program. Here, you will learn how research is propelling science forward in the latest advances in neuroscience, therapies and programs for dementia.


Schedule of presentations

ASRP exchange schedule 2020-2021

Past ASRP Exchange presentations

How music can improve dementia care

October 14, 2020: Drs. Christine Jonas-Simpson and Dr. Sherry Dupuis

This ASRP Exchange webinar is presented by Dr. Christine Jonas-Simpson and her co-investigator Dr. Sherry Dupuis who are the recipients of the ASRP Quality of Life Grant. Their work is titled, Music is Life: Experiences of Relational Caring through Musical Engagement.

Download the presentation slides (PDF).

How estrogen affects cognition

December 16, 2020: Dr. Anne Almey

We're honored to host the esteemed Dr. Anne Almey who is ASRP's Postdoctoral Fellow for her project titled, Sex and gender in dementia: Studying the effects of estrogen on cognition

A potential treatment that can reproduce the benefits of exercise for our brains

February 19, 2021: Dr. Fernanda de Felice 

Dr. Fernanda de Felice is presenting the third installment of our ASRP Exchange webinar series for her work with Exercise hormones in Alzheimer's disease: A novel therapeutic approach. Dr. Felice is the recipient of the ASRP Biomedical grant.

Download the presentation slides (PDF).

Exploring workplace incivility and bullying in long-term care

March 10, 2021: Dr. Heather Cooke

In this presentation, Dr. Heather Cooke from the University of British Columbia discusses workplace incivility and bullying in long-term residential care.

Dr. Cooke is an ASRP Quality of Life Postdoctoral award recipient and her project is titled: No Time for Nice? Exploring the Nature and Influence of Workplace Incivility and Bullying in Long-Term Residential Care.

Download the presentation slides (PDF).

Indigenous female caregivers' experiences for a loved one with memory loss

March 17, 2021: Dr. Danielle Alcock

In this presentation, "I honoured him until the end: Indigenous Female Caregivers Experiences for a Loved one with Memory Loss", Dr. Danielle Alcock from the University of Western Ontaro discusses how female indigenous caregivers use storytelling, through the medium of oral narrative, to support family members living with dementia.

Dr. Alcock is an ASRP Quality of Life Doctoral award recipient and her project is titled: Oral narratives of female Indigenous caregivers for loved ones diagnosed with alcohol-related dementia.

Download the presentation slides (PDF).

Download the presentation slides (PPTX).

About the Alzheimer Society Research Program

The Alzheimer Society Research Program is a research project funding competition for new and established investigators, trainees, and those seeking grants to fund their research proposals, applying from institutions all across Canada. 

Applicants to the Alzheimer Society Research Program are highly reviewed by experts in clinical and research fields, with extensive experience in dementia. The projects they propose are unique, focusing solely on the determinants of health for those affected by dementia. 

Students who apply are supervised by leading experts while pursuing their academic and professional goals in dementia research.

Through ASRP funding, their research can make an impactful difference to those living with dementia, their families & friends, caregivers, and those working to support them.

Latest funding results

We're pleased to announce the following 2020 grants and awards for the Alzheimer Society Research Program, funding Canadian researchers in the field of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, in the following areas of research.

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ASRP 2020 funding results.

Meet our researchers

Recipients of the Alzheimer Society Research Program (ASRP) and other dementia researchers tell us about their projects, their inspirations and how their work can help people living with dementia and caregivers in Canada.

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ASRP-funded researcher Dr. Debra Sheets.