The planning checklist

The following checklist provides some of the key questions to ask when planning for the future.


  1. Who will be the substitute decision-maker for financial matters when you are unable to make those decisions for yourself?

  2. Do you have a will?


  1. Who will be your primary caregiver?

  2. What role will other family members play?


  1. Where are you currently living?

  2. If you live on your own, are you safe?

  3. Should you start investigating other options such as assisted living or long-term care facilities?

Health care

  1. Who will be your substitute decision-maker for health-care decisions?


  1. If your primary caregiver is unable to provide care on short notice (i.e., during a medical emergency), is there a plan in place?

  2. Are family and neighbours aware of the back-up plan?

Last Updated: 11/08/2017