Dementia-Friendly Canada

Thank you to the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)

The Alzheimer Society of Canada welcomes the $940,000 investment in the ‘Dementia-Friendly Canada’ project under the Dementia Community Investment from the Government of Canada, administered by the Public Health Agency of Canada. The Society applauds the Government of Canada for recognizing the impact of dementia, as well as its commitment to creating more understanding and acceptance of dementia.

Project overview

Today, more than half a million Canadians are living with dementia. In the next decade, this number will nearly double. The impact of dementia is and will continue to be felt across all borders, sectors and cultures. We must act and build a dementia-friendly Canada now.

Dementia friendly Canada

The Alzheimer Society of Canada, in partnership with the Alzheimer Societies of B.C., Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, are committed to taking a person-first approach to the Dementia-Friendly Canada project to ensure all Canadians living with dementia feel valued and empowered, that organizations be inclusive and accessible and that everyone uses their awareness of dementia to make changes, individually and as a society. The Alzheimer Societies will engage people living with dementia, their care partners and target groups to build upon existing initiatives as we shape consistent, diverse and widespread dementia-friendly initiatives.

The goals of the Dementia-Friendly Canada project include:

  • Train Canada’s workforce through a mixed-method approach to training, education and service implementation across diverse cultural, geographical and sector groups.
  • Promote and enable an understanding of dementia through the development of awareness campaigns, practical tools and resources for the public, incorporating the voice of people living with dementia.
  • Achieve sustainability and scale-up Dementia-Friendly Canada using research methods to assess the effectiveness of our community-based intervention.

To achieve these goals, the initiative will create tools, education and programing that will allow for the development of dementia-friendly communities across the Canada.

To learn more about the Dementia-Friendly Communities work happening across the country, check this page often for updates and visit the following Alzheimer Society provincial webpages:

Last Updated: 04/27/2020