Client Bill of Rights


The Client Bill of Rights reflects the organization’s mission, values and guiding principles and is a key factor in the planning, delivery and evaluation of services provided at the Society. All clients can reasonably expect to be provided a full range of services, including individual support, referral services, support groups, educational workshops and information resources.

Client Bill of Rights

Client Bill Of Rights

The Bill of Rights is to apply to every resident of Ontario and to every sector of Ontario’s Health care system. The Bill of Rights has ten criteria, which must be conspicuously posted in every health facility and in the place of business of every provider of health care services.

The ten criteria are:

  1. The right to receive all necessary health care services.
  2. The right to give or refuse consent to the provision of health care services.
  3. The right to all information necessary to make fully informed health care choices.
  4. The right to receive publicly funded health care of high quality in the home and in the community, as well as in health care facilities.
  5. The right to receive information about choices that promote good health and measures that prevent illness and accident.
  6. The right to be dealt with by health care service providers with courtesy and respect, in a manner that recognizes individual dignity, in a manner that recognizes and responds to ethnic, spiritual and linguistic differences, and without mental, physical, sexual or financial abuse.
  7. The right to participate in assessments and developments of plans for care.
  8. The right to make complaints and recommend changes without fear of interference or reprisal.
  9. The right to be informed of laws, rules, and policies affecting providers of health care services and the procedures for initiating complaints about providers of health care services; and
  10. The right to confidentiality of health care records in accordance with the law.