Dementia education for healthcare providers


The Alzheimer Society of Oxford provides the following educational opportunities for health care professionals.

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The Society offers educational in-services to staff in acute, long-term care homes, retirement homes and community agencies. Sessions are designed with the goal of increasing knowledge and understanding of the various issues related to supporting a person with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Dementia Overview
  • A Look at Alzheimer’s Disease
  • The Other Dementias
  • Enhanced Communication with the Person with Dementia
  • The Three D’s: Dementia, Depression and Delirium
  • Working with Responsive Behaviours
  • Research Updates
  • Head’s Up for Healthier Brains!
  • Montessori Dementia Programming™
  • Supporting the Family
  • Activities for the Person with Dementia
  • Palliative Care in Dementia
  • Caregiver Fatigue


Gentle Persuasive Approach (GPA)

Target Group: staff in acute, long-term care or community agency settings

Goal: to provide staff with the skill and confidence to respond respectfully to responsive behaviours of a more escalated nature associated with dementia.

Gentle Persuasive Approach is a 7-hour educational program that The Alzheimer Society of Oxford is certified to offer. The course focuses on:

  • Respecting the person with dementia as an individual,
  • Understanding the disease process and
  • Utilizing supportive care strategies that are compassionate and effective.


Target Group: unregulated health care providers, acute care, and any community care agency staff working with the dementia population.

Goal: U-First! is designed to reach a larger number of people working directly with persons with dementia including PSWs, volunteers and family members.

U-First is a six-hour workshop on dementia care designed for unregulated health care providers who are involved in supporting persons with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias. It is strongly encouraged and key to the success of the integration of the education into practice that supervisors of front-line staff access the U-First! program themselves in order to support workers and address organizational issues.

The Alzheimer Society of Oxford is certified to offer U-FIRST!

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Target Group: regulated health care providers working in acute, long-term care, retirement home settings.

Goal: PIECES™ is designed for regulated staff (from RNs to SWs) and who have responsibility for psychogeriatric assessments, case management of persons with dementia and play an active role in the daily care and delivery of direct care.

PIECES™ is a one - two day workshop using a practical framework to examine potential triggers of specific responsive behaviours. By looking at the individual holistically (P stands for Physical, I for Intellectual, E for Emotional, C for Capabilities, E for Environmental and S for Social/Cultural), solutions can be suggested using a common language and a common approach.

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Advance Care Planning

"Making the decision as to who will be my Power of Attorney is best made when I’m in my senior years.”
“Advance care planning is all about deciding how I want to pass away.”
“If I haven’t signed a Power of Attorney, my oldest child is automatically the Substitute Decision Maker.”

If you have answered true to any of these statements, then maybe you (and/or your church group, social club) need to learn more about why Advance Care Planning is a topic for all ages. Advanced Care Planning is a process of planning for a time when a person no longer has the mental capacity to make decisons about aspects of his care or treatment.

Every participant receives a copy of the provincial A Guide to Advance Care Planning and a wallet-sized card with contact information of your Substitute Decision Maker.

Six-hour Advance Care Planning Training Sessions are available for professionals as well as a shorter version for the general public.