Anything for Alzheimer's


Anything for Alzheimer’s is the name of our do-it-yourself event program. Anyone wishing to hold their own fundraising event can do so through this program. Use your own creative ideas, passions and talent to hold an event in support of people living with Anything for Alzheimer’s!

Anything for Alzheimer's

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If organizing an in-person fundraising event, please adhere to all COVID-19 public health guidelines.

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What is Anything for Alzheimers?

Anything for Alzheimer’s is a do-it-yourself fundraiser that promotes the importance of socializing, staying in touch, and building strong, positive relationships with your friends, family, and community during these times of social distancing and physical isolation.

When you host an Anything for Alzheimer’s event, you can turn any virtual or in-person social gathering activity into a fundraiser!


Why host an Anything for Alzheimer’s event?

As social distancing and physical isolation became a part of our daily routines, we began to understand the overwhelming feelings of loss and loneliness being separated from the community can bring us—feelings that people living with dementia experience in their normal, day-to-day lives.

The Alzheimer Society strives to help reduce those feelings of loneliness, but we can't do it alone. By hosting your own event, you will be helping the Alzheimer Society provide those living with dementia and their care partners much-needed education, support and social recreation programming.


How do I host an Anything for Alzheimer’s Event?

It's easy! Use your Anything for Alzheimer’s event to connect with your friends, family, and community! From online card games, spicing up your Zoom meetings with a game of BINGO, or creating your own way to get together, you can support people living with dementia by turning any social gathering into a fundraiser!