A deliciously poignant way to support Alzheimer's work


Anything for Alzheimer's fundraiser, Jennine Flood, shares her experience running a tasty fundraiser for the Alzheimer Society of Oxford.

jenine with cookbook

Sprinkle with flakes of sweetness, add palate-pleasing constituents of joyful eating and mix in generous helpings of tender-loving care and you have some of the key ingredients for Jennine Flood’s tasty fundraiser for the Alzheimer Society of Oxford.

Appropriately called Too Sweet To Forget, her engaging cookbook collection of 40 hand-written dessert recipes is accompanied by eye-catching illustrations and poignant personal thoughts and recollections.

Now available to those keen on satisfying their desire for mouth-watering treats, it’s also an ideal way to support the Society’s vitally important work, numerous projects, resources and educational events.

“We really want to promote the idea of people doing their own fundraisers for our organization,” said Shelley Green, Executive Director of the Alzheimer Society of Oxford. This is a great example of someone who has chosen to do that for our Anything for Alzheimer’s campaign.”

For the past year Jennine has been busily working on the concept for her innovative project, tirelessly researching books, periodicals and online sources. Along the way she struck upon the idea of including small personal stories and thoughts as well as contributors’ hand-written recipes.

“I was delighted with the response from so many people,” she said. “Fourteen people have contributed 40 wonderful recipes along with some truly moving narratives. I have six including my morning glory muffins.

“This has been a very enjoyable experience and Sam O’Reilly’s wonderful design work has made this a beautiful looking book. Between the two of us and others, this is a local project from start-to-finish so we’re all very proud of the final project.”

No stranger to volunteer work, in addition to her regular work Jennine has also hosted two successful fun-filled Halloween parties at Maple Lake Park for the Alzheimer Society of Oxford’s Coffee Break project; organized a Christmas party for Operation Sharing and shares her time Wednesdays at VON Sakura House.

Leafing through the pages of Too Sweet To Forget, she finds one written passage particularly moving:

The hardest part is watching
Someone you love
Forget they love you.

“I have a personal connection to this disease with my grandmother Pearl suffering from Alzheimer’s so I often find the truth of this section very difficult to read,” she added. “This cookbook has been produced by local people for real people.

“The recipes are from real people, using the kind of ingredients found in the average household. I really believe and sincerely hope those who buy the book will just love the results and feel happy they were able to contribute to the Alzheimer Society of Oxford at the same time.”

One hundred books were printed and are available for a very reasonable $15 each. For further information please contact Jennine at 226-228-5088.