Teepa Snow virtual webinar 2021


Dementia expert Teepa Snow spoke three times to AS York earlier this year. Get the link to all three webinars here.

Head and shoulder shot of dementia expert Teepa Snow.

Dementia expert Teepa Snow.

Diagnosed with dementia or know someone who is? Email [email protected] to see what services and support are available to you.

To access the recording from Jan. 28, "How to Communicate with someone living with dementia," please click here. The password to access the recording is [email protected]

To access the recording from Jan. 21, "The Effects of Social Isolation on those Living with Dementia," please click here. The password to access that recording is [email protected]   .

To access the recording from Feb. 4, "Understanding yourself as a Caregiver," please click here. The password to access that recording is [email protected]

Webinars about dementia 2021

Brookside Court & The Renoir Retirement Communities hosted a two-part webinar featuring Jaime Cruz, the public education coordinator, at the Alzheimer Society of York Region - What is dementia and Communications and Behaviours. You can watch these two webinars here.

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Head and shoulder shot of an adult woman hugging a senior woman. Both are looking to the left.

Virtual Book Launch - AS York book

Hearts Linked by Courage, Honouring Loved Ones and Caregivers on the Dementia Journey offers 23 short stories by York Region residents impacted by dementia. AS York will host a virtual book launch, featuring many of the authors, to celebrate the book's release during Alzheimer's Awareness Month.

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Images of Hearts Linked by Courage book, laptop and coffee talking about AS York's new book

Share your story

"Sharing your story isn't easy. But it is powerful. It has the power to change perceptions, encourage understanding and provide hope to others." Laura Greenstein

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A collage of photos of people who have shared their story with AS York.