Day to day living

Family caregivers tell us that caring for a person living with dementia can be challenging, but it can also be rewarding. Solving problems and becoming confident in knowing how to care for a person with dementia can provide you with a great sense of satisfaction.

We are learning more and more about how to provide good care for the person with dementia day to day, while still taking care of yourself. Much of what we know comes from the experience of family and professional caregivers.
 Person with dementia blowdrying hair safety 
Personal care Safety
People living with dementia may need more help with personal care over time. It is important to take safety into consideration as the disease progresses.
woman tending to garden and staying active staying active 
Promoting independence Staying active
There are a variety of ways to support the participation of a person living with dementia in day-to-day activities. Staying engaged and active can improve quality of life for people living with dementia and those around them. 
meal time sleep
Meal time Sleep
Healthy eating is important for all of us. Learn how you can adapt to changes in eating and drinking. Sleep disturbances are common with dementia. They impact the person with the disease and the caregiver.
Old man standing by disabled parking space. Picture of a walking stick being used by an old man.
Driving and transportation Shopping for assistive products
People living with dementia may experience different risks and comfort levels with driving and transportation. A variety of products are designed to help people living with dementia or their caregivers.  








Last Updated: 11/09/2017