Have an impact on your community at the Climb for Alzheimer’s!

Members of the Neptune Terminals team.

The Neptune Terminals team at the 2017 Climb for Alzheimer’s.

“It’s important to us to contribute to our community,” says Lisa Dooling, Director of Community & Stakeholder Engagement at Neptune Terminals, who are sponsoring the Climb for Alzheimer’s fundraising event for the third year in a row. “We try to do things that make the North Shore a strong, vibrant and healthy place for the people who live and work here.”

The Climb for Alzheimer’s is a fun, invigorating hike up the Grouse Grind® – but it’s also an opportunity to help the Alzheimer Society of B.C. raise critical funds to support, educate and advocate for families on the dementia journey, and enable research that will advance knowledge of the disease.

“We are invested in causes that affect the seniors in our community,” Lisa says. “The Summit Stroll is a fun outing, and in providing this opportunity we can help alleviate some of the isolation many seniors experience.”

“Last year, we had a group of 18 very excited seniors participate in the Summit Stroll,” says Joanne Franko of North Shore Neighbourhood House. “Many of them have firsthand experience with Alzheimer’s disease and it was a very meaningful excursion and a chance to support a cause that is important to them.”

Along with their support of the Summit Stroll, staff from Neptune Terminals consider the Climb for Alzheimer’s to be a fun team-building challenge, sending intrepid hikers up the Grouse Grind®.  “Some of us run, take fitness classes or hike the local trails to get ready for the Climb,” Lisa says.

By sponsoring the Climb, Neptune Terminals is helping to ensure that the Alzheimer Society of B.C. can continue to support, educate and advocate for people living with dementia and their families – and to enable research that will advance our knowledge of the disease.

People affected by Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias face an uphill journey every day. This September 30, passionate supporters, friends and family will head to Grouse Mountain to show that people don’t need to make the dementia journey alone. Who will you climb for? Register and start fundraising today.

Last Updated: 08/31/2018