Help minds stay in motion at the Climb for Alzheimer's!

Climbers get warmed up at the base of Grouse Mountain.Certified fitness instructors from Innovative Fitness warm the crowd up.

“Stay active and engaged.” This is a familiar refrain for anyone who thinks seriously about brain health. It’s a good rule to live by if you want to reduce your risk of developing dementia – and it’s also a cornerstone of Minds in Motion®, one of many programs made possible with the funds raised by participants in the Climb for Alzheimer’s at the Grouse Grind® on September 30.

Minds in Motion® is a social and fitness program for people with early-stage dementia and a care partner. It is offered in communities across the province as part of the Alzheimer Society of B.C.’s First Link® dementia support. Participants engage in light exercise led by a certified fitness instructor before taking part in social activities. “The program is an opportunity for people living with dementia to connect with others, make new friends and have fun,” says Shanan St. Louis, Minds in Motion® Coordinator for North and Central Vancouver Island.

Minds in Motion® Coordinator Shanan St. Louis.

For the second year in a row, Shanan will be participating in the Climb, an invigorating hiking up the Grouse Grind® that is also an opportunity to raise critical funds to support, educate and advocate for families while also enabling research that will advance knowledge of the disease.

Much like Minds in Motion®, the Climb for Alzheimer’s is an opportunity to have fun with a focus on fitness and social time – while also raising vital funds. After getting warmed up at the base of the mountain – thanks to certified fitness instructors from Innovative Fitness – participants can have a fun, invigorating hike up the Grouse Grind® or they can take a leisurely stroll around the peak. Afterwards, they can take part in a celebration at the summit of the mountain.

Shanan was inspired to become a participant because she’s seen the impact that programs like Minds in Motion® can have on people on the uphill journey of dementia. “Couples tell me frequently how alone they feel after receiving the diagnosis, and how much coming to Minds in Motion® means to them,” Shanan shares. “I got involved with the Climb in order to be part of something bigger than myself – to help more people find their way into our community of care.”

Shanan has already started training for the event, visiting a set of 200 stairs close to home several times a week. "It's nothing like Grouse Grind®," she says, "but it's a start!"

People affected by Alzheimer's disease or other dementias face an uphill journey every day. This September 30, passionate supporters, friends and family will head to Grouse Mountain to show that people don't need to make the dementia journey alone. Who will you climb for? Register and start fundraising today.


Last Updated: 09/12/2018