Albert et Pauline Spatz

Living her legacy

“Anyone who has been through this experience knows the vast need for research,” says Mrs. Pauline Spatz. This spritely octogenarian has become a consistent and loyal contributor to Alzheimer’s research. “You don’t need to have a lot. You simply need to make it happen.”

Mrs. Spatz lost her husband, Dr. Albert Spatz, to Alzheimer’s disease in the spring of 1998. The pain of that time first brought her to the Alzheimer Society. Slowly the relationship evolved into something comforting and powerful.

“From the moment I contacted the Alzheimer Society there was a tremendous sense of caring. There was always someone there who listened and responded. Our relationship has grown stronger over the years.”

Through generous gifts including the establishment of the Dr. and Mrs. Albert Spatz Research Endowment Fund and the Dr. and Mrs. Spatz Doctoral Award, she is supporting research and helping to strengthen the capacity of the next generation of Alzheimer’s researchers.

“The amount of support I’ve given is substantial, given that my means are modest,” insists the New Brunswick native. “I’ve done it because it is necessary.” Through these gifts and a bequest in her Will, Mrs. Spatz ensures that progress toward better treatments and a cure will continue. “I truly feel that the best thing people affected by Alzheimer’s disease can do is alleviate the pain for their loved ones in the future,” says Mrs. Spatz. “Alzheimer’s research is absolutely vital.”

What began as a tribute to her husband will live on as her legacy. “It is so gratifying to contribute to Alzheimer’s research. I’m so hopeful that a breakthrough will come.” Mrs. Spatz knows that giving can involve more than writing a cheque. It is about engaging with an organization and supporting its work at the community level. At the Alzheimer Society, we encourage our supporters to join us in living their own legacies. Preparing your own unique gift plan with the Alzheimer Society is an ideal way to ensure you are maximizing the impact of your gift in a way that suits your current lifestyle and your vision for change.

For information about making a legacy gift to the Alzheimer Society to help fund research and services to families, please contact the Office of Gift Planning at 1-800-616-8816 or email: [email protected]. Legacy gifts can be made through a bequest in a Will, life insurance policy, charitable gift annuity, RRSP or RRIF, or charitable trust.

How to make a legacy gift

Last Updated: 11/08/2017