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Canadian reports

The following is a list of reports to help you understand the national impact of dementia in Canada. Ordered by date of publication.


HEAL: Beyond COVID-19: HEAL’S Recommendations for a Healthier Nation

November 2020. The Alzheimer Society of Canada is a member of Organizations for Health Action (HEAL), a coalition of 40 national health organizations. HEAL’s latest consensus statement recommends that the Government of Canada increase its initial investment of $50 million over five years in the national dementia strategy to $150 million to ensure measurable and timely progress on the strategy’s vision and national objectives.


Health Canada: First Annual Report on Medical Assistance in Dying in Canada, 2019

July 2020. This report lists the numbers behind medical assistance in dying (MAID) in Canada, broken down by province and territory, for the 2019 calendar year. This provides the most comprehensive portrait of MAID in Canada to date.


Public Health Agency of Canada: A Dementia Strategy for Canada: Together We Achieve: 2020 Annual Report

June 2020. The federal Minister of Health has tabled the 2nd annual Report to Parliament on the national dementia strategy. The report is a requirement of the National Strategy for Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias Act. It provides an overview of the strategy’s first year in existence, achievements and plans moving forward.


The Royal Society of Canada: Restoring Trust: COVID-19 and The Future of Long-Term Care

June 2020. This report outlines current deficiencies in Canada’s long-term care system that COVID-19 has laid bare. It recommends nine steps to solving the longtime workforce crisis in long-term care homes. Recommendations include calling for immediate action and the implementation of national standards for long-term care. This report also has an executive summary.


Public Health Agency of Canada: A Dementia Strategy for Canada: Together We Aspire

June 2019. This first national dementia strategy focuses on preventing dementia, advancing therapies and finding a cure, as well as improving the quality of life of people living with dementia and caregivers.


Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada: (Disconnected): How unseen links are putting us at risk

February 2019. This report details the links between heart, stroke and vascular cognitive impairment. New research indicates that heart conditions other than stroke can possibly lead to cognitive decline. This report is also available digitally on the Heart and Stroke website.


Canadian Academy of Health Sciences: Improving the quality of life and care of persons living with dementia and their caregivers

January 2019. In this report, the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences was tasked by the Public Health Agency of Canada to assess current dementia knowledge and best practices to help shape the national dementia strategy.


Health Canada: Framework on Palliative Care in Canada

December 2018. The Framework will help inform the development of Canada’s national dementia strategy to benefit the more than half a million Canadians living with dementia today.


HEAL: The Canadian Way 2.0

November 2018. This consensus statement from HEAL (Organizations for Health Action) evaluates the action taken by the federal government on health care from 2016 to 2018, and offers additional recommendations on seniors’ care and mental health.


Public Health Agency of Canada: National Dementia Conference Report, May 14-15, 2018

September 2018. Public Health Agency of Canada's summary of the National Dementia Conference in May 2018, outlining the plan to develop Canada’s first national dementia strategy.


Alzheimer Society: 2017 Awareness Survey Executive Summary

January 2018. In November 2017, the Alzheimer Society surveyed 1,506 Canadians online to get their thoughts and insights on Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. This report is the summary of those findings.


Canadian Dementia Priority Setting Partnership: Report of the Canadian Dementia Priority Setting Partnership

July 2017. Funded by the Alzheimer Society of Canada, this report aimed to identify priority areas for Canadian dementia researchers and research funding organizations. The result of this study identified 10 dementia priorities according to Canadians affected by dementia.


Senate of Canada: Dementia in Canada: A National Strategy for Dementia-friendly Communities

November 2016. The Senate of Canada summarises expert testimony and community consultations, providing a list of 29 recommendations for improving dementia care and support in Canada – including the introduction of a national dementia strategy.


Alzheimer Society of Canada: Prevalence and Monetary Costs of Dementia in Canada

June 2016. The Alzheimer Society of Canada provides an overview of how many Canadians are affected by dementia, and the monetary impact of the disease in Canada.


Canadian Institute for Health Information: Dementia in Canada

June 2016. The Canadian Institute for Health Information releases new data on how dementia impacts Canada’s seniors, caregivers, and health-care systems. Digital only.

International reports

Read these reports to learn more about the global impact of dementia. Ordered alphabetically by name of organization.


Alzheimer’s Disease International: World Alzheimer Report 2019: Attitudes to dementia

September 2019. The latest report from ADI features a global survey on attitudes to dementia, Almost 70,000 respondents from 155 countries gave their thoughts on topics like the attitudes of healthcare practitioners to dementia, the experiences of carers, intimacy and relationships and whether dementia can be a laughing matter.


Alzheimer’s Disease International: World Alzheimer Report 2018

September 2018. This report tackles some of the complex questions surrounding dementia research. It looks at the hopes and frustrations and asks why there have been no major medical treatment breakthroughs for over 20 years.


Alzheimer’s Disease International: From Plan to Impact

May 2018. One year after the Global Action Plan on Dementia was introduced, Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) looks at progress made towards the Plan’s 2025 targets.


Alzheimer’s Disease International: From Plan to Impact II

May 2019. The report updates the progress toward the WHO’s Global Action Plan, delving deeper into the seven action areas that were introduced in the plan.


Alzheimer’s Disease International: World Alzheimer Report 2016

September 2016. ADI reviews “research evidence on the elements of healthcare for people with dementia, and, using economic modelling, suggests how it should be improved and made more efficient.”


Alzheimer’s Research UK: Dementia Attitudes Monitor

February 2019. This report surveyed over 2,000 people living in the United Kingdom, tracking their attitudes and perceptions toward dementia. This report is also available digitally on the Alzheimer’s Research UK website.


Milken Institute: The Price Women Pay for Dementia

March 2016. Women are disproportionately affected by dementia. The California-based Milken Institute investigates the financial burden dementia places on American women, especially caregivers.


OECD Health Policy Studies: Care Needed: Improving the Lives of People with Dementia

2018. This report examines the approaches to dementia care taken by the 36 member countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).


United Nations: Concluding Observations on the Initial Report of Canada

May 2017. The UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities offers feedback and recommendations on Canada’s compliance with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities – a landmark international treaty ratified by Canada in 2010.


World Health Organization: Dementia: A Public Health Priority

2012. In this report, the World Health Organization (WHO) provides “an overview of global epidemiology and the impact of dementia, national-level approaches to dementia including the role of health and social care systems and workforce, issues around caregiving and caregivers, and awareness raising and advocacy for dementia.”


World Health Organization: Global Action Plan on the Public Health Response to Dementia 2017-2025

2017. The WHO lays out “ambitious targets” to be met by 2025, for the improvement of the health and wellbeing of people affected by dementia worldwide.


World Health Organization: Towards a Dementia Plan

2018. Thirty-two countries have implemented national dementia plans. Learning from their experiences, the World Health Organization put together a guide for countries – like Canada – striving to develop a plan of their own.

Alzheimer Society impact and accountability reports

These reports detail the impact of the Alzheimer Society of Canada and its Alzheimer Society Research Program. Ordered by date of publication. If you would like a printed copy mailed to you, please e-mail us at [email protected].


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