Good Samaritans helping people with dementia to find their way home with MedicAlert® Safely Home®

After emergency responders, good Samaritans are the most frequent locators of people with dementia who go missing.

Changes in the brain that come with the progression of Alzheimer's disease make it very easy for people with dementia to become lost, even in familiar places. While this can happen at any time and without warning, winter, with its extreme temperatures, is a time when families of people with dementia become especially worried about the possibility of a person with dementia going missing and becoming lost. Registering with the MedicAlert Safely Home program can help identify someone who is lost and assist them in getting safely home.

When registered with MedicAlert Safely Home, the person with dementia wears a MedicAlert ID bracelet full time which is engraved with their unique ID number and MedicAlert’s 24 hour emergency hotline number. Emergency responders are trained to call the MedicAlert hotline to access critical personal and medical information about the person. The hotline protocol also includes the need, if required, to notify emergency contacts of the situation.

You might think that only emergency responders call the hotline when a person with dementia is in distress but good Samaritans - people who reach out to help when they suspect someone is in need- are the second largest group to call the MedicAlert Safely Home hotline.

This was the case for one MedicAlert Safely Home member, who was approached by two good Samaritans when they noticed her on a residential street looking confused and disoriented – and without a coat or shoes. The couple greeted the woman and asked if she was okay, and noticed her MedicAlert SafelyHome bracelet, then called the 24-hour emergency hotline. The hotline conferenced them with her spouse who arranged to come and pick her up.

Learn more about the MedicAlert Safely Home program and how it can help you and the people in your life who are living with dementia:

Important information: if you are wearing a Safely Home bracelet which looks like

outdated safely home bracelet

your bracelet has expired. It is urgent that we hear from you at 1-855-581-3794 to update your bracelet so you can benefit from all our improved services.

Last Updated: 11/08/2017