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Coffee Break




What is Coffee Break?

Coffee Break is an annual fundraising and awareness event coordinated by local Alzheimer Society chapters across Canada. Organizations are invited to host a Coffee Break any time during the month of September in celebration of World Alzheimer’s Day Sept. 21.

Hosts support the society by collecting a donation for every cup of coffee served or for each Forget-Me-Not cut-out signed. Whether they like it black, regular or double-double, Canadians have been coming out year after year to support Alzheimer Society Coffee Breaks across the country. Last year, Coffee Break raised more than $1.1 million.

What Are Forget-Me-Not Flower Cut-Outs?
Forget-Me-Not Flower Cut-outs are paper cut-outs of a blue Forget-Me-Not Flower. We ask that hosts invite their patrons to make a $1-$2 donation and sign a Cut-out. To show support of Coffee Break, hosts display these cut-outs in a prominent location.  You can serve coffee and promote the cut-outs, however, you do not have to do both. For a coffee-less event just use the cut-outs.

When is Coffee Break?
Most Coffee Breaks will take place on Sept. 20, which is the official launch date of Coffee Break, however, celebrations continue throughout the month. You can host your Coffee Break anytime in the month of September - for a day, a week or even the whole month.

Where do the Coffee Break Donations Go?
Coffee Break donations go to your local Alzheimer society chapter to ensure that people living with Alzheimer’s disease can connect to a community of information, support and education. Funds raised also go toward research to find the causes and ultimately to find a cure.

What is the average donation?
Most organizations collect $1 to $2 per cup - whether it’s a cup of hot coffee or a Forget-Me-Not Flower Cut-out. Or your organization may prefer to donate a portion of your daily sales - for example restaurants may consider donation $0.25 for every cup of coffee sold.

Why participate in Coffee Break?
The number of Canadians with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia is expected to double in a generation to 1.1 million. When you host a Coffee Break in your community, you help raise much-needed funds for local programs and services for people with Alzheimer's disease and their caregivers. Your support makes a huge difference in their lives.

How can I find a Coffee Break?
Want to attend a Coffee Break? Visit Alzheimer Society website here to find a Coffee Break event near you.

How can I host a Coffee Break?
Hosting a Coffee Break is a very simple and successful way to raise funds for a great cause. Hosts will be provided with supplies, including marketing material and coffee from Melitta®, to help run your event.

How can I promote a Coffee Break?
We would be glad to help. Visit here to learn how we can help you raise awareness for your #alzheimerscoffeebreak. 

Register using one of the following options:
1. Complete the online Host Registration Form 
2. By phone 905-726-3477 ext.244
3. Download the PDF form here and e-mail to [email protected]

If you have any questions or would like more information download the Host Information Package or contact Lauren O’Brien at 905-726-3477, ext. 244 or [email protected]






Last Updated: 09/04/2019