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As a financial advisor, you're likely to have clients affected by dementia – whether they are living with dementia themselves, or are caring for a person who does. Learn how you can offer assistance that's sensitive to their needs.

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For many Canadians, dementia is an everyday reality. Not only does a diagnosis of dementia affect a person’s health, but it has serious financial implications for the person, their family and friends.

This section provides information to help you better understand dementia and its impact on individuals and caregivers, and to assist you in pointing clients in the right direction.

Online learning resources

Where your clients can find help and support

The Alzheimer Society offers local programs and services across Canada to support people living with dementia and their caregivers. These may include:

  • Support groups
  • Individual and family counselling
  • First Link® – an early intervention program that gives people with dementia and their caregivers a direct connection to information and services in their community
  • Day programs for people with dementia/respite care
  • Art and music therapy

Encourage your clients to contact their local Society to find out what's available in their area.

Find your area’s Alzheimer Society

No matter where you live in Canada, there is an Alzheimer Society that you can be involved in. Your region’s group can help you with programs, services, education and resources tailored to your needs.

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