The Alzheimer Society of B.C. partners with CISL 650am for a monthly episode of Boomer Life, a lifestyle show focused on issues faced by the baby boomer generation. Society CEO Maria Howard joins host Joanne Sutton in the studio and speaks with guests about topics around dementia in British Columbia. Boomer Life is about helping people have the conversation about the dementia journey and reminding them that they are not alone.



    • April, "Why Volunteers Matter" - To celebrate National Volunteering Week, Joanne Sutton and CEO Maria Howard spoke about the importance of volunteers to the Alzheimer Society of B.C. They were joined on the phone by Robert Piasentin, a member of the Society's Board of Directors, to talk about the role volunteers play in strategic direction for the organization. After Robert, Joanne and Maria spoke with Stacy Ashton, the Society's Provincial Coordinator for Volunteer Resources. Finally, with the Investors Group Walk for Alzheimer's coming up, volunteer Walk chairs Ron Angell and Shera Morgan checked in to talk about some of the exciting things coming up at the Walk in the Fraser Valley. Learn more about how you can become a volunteer.
    • March, "Train the Trainer" - Joanne Sutton and Society CEO Maria Howard sit down to talk about Train the Trainer, a new resource developed by the Society in partnership with the City of Vancouver. Train the Trainer is part of the Dementia-Friendly Communities initiative, a tool for training city workers and volunteers on how best to support community members living with dementia. Joanne and Maria start off by speaking with Mario Gregorio, a member of the Society's Leadership Group for People with Dementia who consulted on the tool, and then speak with Carol-Ann Young of the City of Vancouver. To finish up, Monica Wallani called in to talk about the upcoming Investors Group Walk for Alzheimer's.

    • January, "In It for Alzheimer's" - January is Alzheimer's Awareness Month, and to mark the occasion, Joanne and Maria talk about the work of the Society to impact public policy around dementia care. They are joined by Paul Blanchet, member of the Society's Leadership Group for Caregivers who has a long history working with the Society as an advocate. After that, they speak with Darryl Plecas, the Parliamentary Secretary to the B.C. Minister of Health for Seniors. Finally, Tanya Mealing and Steph Woodward join in to talk about the Investors Group Walk for Alzheimer's, coming up in May.


    • December, "Chinese Community Outreach" - For December, Joanne and Maria talk about the Society's growing outreach into the Chinese-Canadian community, to build relationships and awareness. They speak first with Mankin Ladd, a caregiver who has been benefited from the Society's support services offered in Cantonese and Mandarin. After that, they speak with Tony Yue, a member of the Society's Board of Directors who is championing the initiative, and finish up with Wendy Wong, a Development Officer at the Society who is helping to make the initiative happen.
    • November, "Your Donation Matters" - The Alzheimer Society of B.C. is able to support British Columbians living with the disease is dependent on the generous donations of people across the province. This month, Joanne and Maria talk about the importance of donations and how people can contribute to the work of the Society. They are joined by Kimberly Evans, a caregiver who has committed to regular donation to the Society, along with Colin Ritchie, a lawyer specializing in planned giving. The show concludes with Susan Rae, the Society's Manager of Resource Development.
    • October, "In Touch and Inisght" - One way that the Society connects with people on the dementia journey is through our publications. This month, Maria and Joanne speak with Ruth Stewart, a caregiver who has contributed to the In Touch, a publication for caregivers. After that, Society staff member Eva Boberski introduces Insight, Canada's only publication geared toward people with dementia, and talks about some of the things to keep in mind when writing for an audience with cognitive impairment. To round out the show, Bill Der speaks about climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro as a way of doing Anything for Alzheimer's.
    • September, "World Alzheimer's Month" - September is a busy time of year for the Alzheimer Society of B.C. as we celebrate World Alzheimer's Month and World Alzheimer's Day on September 21. For this special show, Joanne and Maria talk with Alec Burden, a local broadcasting legend now living with the disease. They speak with Bev Stanwood, a caregiver, about her personal experience. Bob Lenarduzzi, president of the Vancouver Whitecaps, calls in to talk about hosting the upcoming MKGG Climb for Alzheimer's.
    • August, "Living with dementia in a rural community" - The dementia journey can look quite different when you move away from major urban areas and into B.C.'s rural communities. For August, Joanne and Maria speak with Heather Inglis, a caregiver in Ashcroft, as well as Interior Health's Juanita Little, a registered nurse providing care to people living with the disease in remote areas. They also spend some time with Special Events Officer Jen Cameron to learn about Coffee Break®.
    • July, "End of Life" - Talking about the final stages of the dementia journey can be incredibly challenging for people. This month, Joanne and Maria hope to help open up the conversation by talking with Dave Obee - Editor-in-Chief of the Victoria Times Colonist - about his very personal experience with end of life. They speak with Providence Health Care's Dr. Romayne Gallagher about palliative care, and attorney Emily Clough talks about advanced planning.
    • June, "Transitioning to Residential Care" - Joanne and Maria are joined in the studio by Dementia Advocate Geri Hinton speaks about her experience caring for her late husband and his transition into residential care. Jane Devji, CEO for Delta View Care Residence speaks to the experience of providing residential care. The episode concludes with Marg Rodgers, the long-standing Volunteer Chair for the Investors Group Walk for Alzheimer's talking about her experiences organizing her local Walk.
    • May, "Receiving a diagnosis of dementia" - On a special episode of Boomer Life, Joanne and Maria are joined in the studio by Canadian music legend John Mann and his wife Jill Daum. John had just finished his final tour with Spirit of the West, and they talk about the experience of receiving John's diagnosis and the decision to go public with it. Bruce Hobson, a retired physician from Powell River, speaks to the experience of health-care providers who have to give a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease or another dementia. The episode concludes with Delia Visscher, a top fundraiser for the Scotiabank Half-Marathon & 5K, to talk about participating in the upcoming event.
    • April, "Volunteering with the Society" - April 10 to 16 was National Volunteer Week, the perfect time to celebrate the important role that volunteers play with the Alzheimer Society of B.C. Maria and Joanne sit down with Michele Buchignani, Chair of the Society's Board of Directors, to talk about the role that volunteers play in the direction of the Society as a whole. Then they speak with Krista Frazee, Provincial Coordinator of Support & Education, about the role of volunteers in facilitating 130 support groups offered across B.C. Finally, they speak with Tod Woodward, the Chair of the North Shore Investors Group Walk for Alzheimer's volunteer committee.
    • March, "Dementia research in British Columbia" - Maria and Joanne have a rare opportunity to focus an entire show around research being down into the causes of and possible treatments for Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. They spoke with two researchers from the University of British Columbia, Dr. Mari DeMarco and Dr. Cheryl Wellington. After that, Dr. Larry Chambers from the Alzheimer Society of Canada phoned in to talk about the state of research in Canada, and about the Alzheimer Society Research Program.
    • February, "Families living with dementia" - Maria and Joanne are joined in the studio by Roger and Pat Howard, a family living with the disease, as well as Dorothy Leclair, Support & Education Coordinator for the North Fraser Resource Centre in Burnaby. Pat and Roger talk about their experience of the dementia journey and their experience working with Dorothy, who has been their primary point of contact with the Society since Roger received his diagnosis and they connected to First Link® dementia support. Afterwards, Robin Hsiung (Associate Professor in Neurology at the Universe of British Columbia) talks about research.


    • January, "Alzheimer's Awareness Month" - Every year, January marks Alzheimer's Awareness Month, and in 2016 we celebrated by highlighting the ways that people can take simple actions as individuals and the way they can come together with those around them to build Dementia-Friendly Communities. Maria and Joanne speak with Victoria Schuster, a youth advocate in Shawnigan Lake whose father is living with the disease. After that, Jennifer Stewart (Manager of Advocacy & Education for the Society) talks about the Dementia-Friendly Communities initiative and Helmut Pastrick, Chief Economist for the Central 1 Credit Union, speaks to his involvement with the 2016 Breakfast to Remember in Vancouver.


    Last Updated: 01/31/2018