Dementia Care Training 101 Online

Prince Edward Island
13 May - 24 June 2024

The Dementia Care Training program provides comprehensive education for healthcare providers about best practices in dementia care. Now available online, on-demand!

Dementia Care Training. A comprehensive education program for healthcare providers to increase best practices in dementia care.  U-First, Positive Approach to Care, Dementiability, LGBTQ++

The Dementia Care Training program created by Alzheimer Society of PEI provides access to virtual on-demand education about best practices in dementia care for all healthcare providers.

Whether you are an administrative support staff, a manager or coordinator, or you provide clinical or front line direct care to clients, this training has something for you. Expanding your knowledge about dementia and best practices in care techniques will give you the skills to provide an enhanced patient experience, can improve your interactions with patients and families, and reduce stress.

Learners will have 6 weeks to complete DCT 101.

Dementia Care Training 101: Essentials of Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia

With weekly modules and discussions, you will learn about Alzheimer’s and other dementias: the different types, their impact on the brain and day to day functioning, the progression of illness, changes in communication and behaviour, person centred language, the importance of support for families, and services offered by ASPEI. Includes certification in U-First!® & DCT 101.

For: Administrative staff, managers/coordinators, Clinical & direct care staff

Hours: 2 hrs/week for 6 weeks + one 1-Hour Live Webinar

*Subject to $300 course fee. DCT 101 is a pre-requisite to DCT 102.

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