A Legacy in the Making

Leave a LegacyAlexa McDonough is not afraid to buck tradition and carve her own path. Most of us know her for her ground-breaking roles as the federal and provincial leader of the New Democrat Party.

And she’s about to do it again.

Alexa has agreed to be featured in the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia’s first legacy giving advertisements. Not everyone is willing to talk about their will or their plans. But Alexa shared with us her intention to leave a gift in her will to the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia.

Her legacy is a story four generations in the making. Alexa experienced what so many families have – the sandwich generation. She was parenting her sons – Justin and Travis – while her parents were on their dementia journey. Because of her experience, she became a valuable leader with the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia’s board of governors.

Her family has been involved with the Society for many years. Justin started volunteering with the Alzheimer Society with the door-to-door campaign as a teenager, eventually serving as board president. But it’s at the Halifax Walk for Alzheimer’s that the McDonough family contribution is most public. Alexa, Justin and Travis bring their whole family out to walk. If you reguarly attend the Halifax walk, you probably saw Alexa’s grandkids participating before they could take their first steps. Now the adults have to up their pace to keep up with the kids.

Travis, Alexa and Justin’s public support of the walk continues to encourage others to participate. She hopes the advertisements with encourage others to participate in legacy giving. Alexa’s choice to make a gift in her will – and share that decision with you – is your invitation to join her in making a bequest. It’s easy to leave a gift in your will and a unique way to make a difference to those living with dementia in Nova Scotia.

Because of Alexa’s past role on the board, she knows the importance of donations that stay in our province for programs and services that help those who need the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia. Alexa trusts that current and future volunteers will make good decisions, motivated by our motto of providing help for today and hope for tomorrow. And, as she was quick to point out, if she doesn’t feel that way in the future, her gift is revocable.

Like Alexa, by choosing to make a gift in your will, you are providing critical financial support to benefit future generations. You can also feel good knowing your gift will have an enormous impact on your community today and tomorrow. Leaving a gift in your will may be one of the most fulfilling decisions you will ever make, and it’s easier than you think. Consider joining her in making a gift in your will.

Since the founding of the Society in 1983, over 150 people have made a gift in their will to the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia. Because of their bequests, people living with dementia in Nova Scotia over the past thirty years have had the information, education and support they needed on their dementia journey.

Last Updated: 05/16/2019