2023-2024 Annual Report

We're pleased to share with you our 2023-2024 Annual Report

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The Path Forward: 2023-2024 Annual Report

Programs & Services

We are here to provide the information, support and education about dementia you are looking for and to help you find programs and services to meet your needs.

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A bearded man holds a tablet in his hands while a woman looks over his shoulder. They are both seated on a couch and smiling. Overset text reads "Programs and services."

Dementia Helpline

An opportunity to talk with someone who understands the dementia journey can provide vital support. Learn more about our Dementia Helpline service.

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Fundraise and participate

Your participation in our special events makes a significant difference for those living with the disease through Alzheimer programs and services in your local community.

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Two women participating in the Walk for Alzheimer's

News & Stories

Read about the latest news and stories at the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia

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News & Stories