Coffee Break


Need some new ideas for your Coffee Break®? Check out some other ways to participate!

other ways to perk up your event

Or try some of these:

  • Partner with another group, business, or organization.
  • Ask your friends and co-workers to bring their spare change to your Coffee Break.
  • Participate in the #RaiseAMug campaign on social media.
  • Bring your Coffee Break party to work.
  • Ask a local restaurant or business to donate all or a portion of their coffee, tea or pop sales for the day.
  • Choose a day and time when people are already gathering.
  • Involve your friends – ask them to help serve, bake or bring another friend.
  • Create a theme for your Coffee Break.
  • Challenge another group to raise more money or have more participants than yours.

If you have any questions or would like more information download the Host Information Package or contact Lauren O'Brien at or 905-726-3477 ext. 244

Last Updated: 11/08/2017