Volunteers play a crucial role at the Alzheimer Society. They help expand the reach of programs and services, speak out in public or keep our offices functioning.

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Volunteer Application Form

If you would like to apply to become a volunteer, please download and fill in the volunteer application form and submit it to the Alzheimer Society of Dufferin County or register on-line.

Thank you, volunteers!

From April 23 to 29, the Alzheimer Society of Dufferin County celebrates our volunteers who stand amidst Canada’s 12.7 million volunteers during National Volunteer Week.

The number of Ontarians with dementia is expected to increase by 40% in the next decade. The human costs and the costs of our health-care system will be enormous. We really could not do what we do to support people with dementia, and raise money to find a cure, without volunteers. We value your experience, your input, your enthusiasm and the opportunity to work with you.

During National Volunteer Week, we recognize the tireless contributions of our volunteers. Your support is absolutely invaluable to our staff, and to families across our community who are living with a dementia diagnosis. Thank you.

Want to get involved? Contact the Alzheimer Society of Dufferin County at 519-941-1221 or by email info@alzheimerdufferin.org.

Benefits of volunteering

Do your brain a favour - volunteer!

There are many good reasons for volunteering, whether you want to give back to your community, aspire to develop a new skill or want to expand your social network. But have you considered the health benefits of volunteering? Keeping your brain in shape is another important reason for volunteering, and a healthy brain is vital for healthy aging.

Volunteering not only engages your mind and body, but it can actually help you age well and reduce the risk of age-related diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Healthy reasons to volunteer

Improve your physical and mental well-being

Meeting new people and engaging in new activities can boost endorphins, those “feel-good” brain cells that keep your heart pumping, your mind sharp, and your immune system working. They also help lower stress.

Build self-esteem and confidence

The satisfaction of knowing you've made a positive difference in someone's life increases your own self- worth and confidence. If you're experiencing difficult times, volunteering has the extra advantage of giving you a sense of purpose.

Expand your network of social support

Connecting with new people in different settings helps open your mind to new perspectives, widens your social network and reduces depression and isolation.

Live longer and healthier

Staying engaged and curious about your world helps keep you young at heart and feeling vibrant. The bottom line is that life-long learning is key for improving the quality of life and for healthy aging.

Volunteering is easy! Consider your interests and skills, then think of who might benefit. Whatever you do, start early. The sooner you start volunteering, the greater the benefits you'll reap later on in life.

If you would like to apply to become a volunteer, contact the Alzheimer Society of Dufferin County at 519-941-1221, by email info@alzheimerdufferin.org, or on-line.


Volunteers are critical to organizations like ours. People in all areas of Dufferin County are waiting for a Volunteer Companion. If you can find two hours per week to visit a person with Alzheimer's Disease in his/her home, we would love to hear from you. Training and support are provided. We will find a 'match' that fits your time and interests and also help you find appropriate and enjoyable activities to do together. This is a very rewarding volunteer opportunity and a meaningful way to spend your time. Our families are extremely appreciative.

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