Client Advisory Committee

Join the Client Advisory Committee and help shape the future of the Alzheimer Society of Grey-Bruce.

Client Advisory Committee Sharing Ideas

Purpose of the Client Advisory Committee  

For persons living with dementia and care partners to share their opinions and perspectives on The Alzheimer Society of Grey-Bruce's programs and services to aid in the creation of a client-centred environment. 

What is a Client Advisor?  

The role of a Client Advisor is to work in partnership with the Alzheimer Society of Grey-Bruce to create a truly client-centred care environment and experience. A client-centred care approach allows the Alzheimer Society of Grey-Bruce to improve our understanding of the potential limitations within the Society and the services offered.  

Client Advisors provide crucial lived experiences, perspectives, and opinions and directly impact the services and programs to improve the care experience. This Client Advisory Committee will allow for greater collaboration between clients and staff members to aid in co-creating new programs and improved services through these lived experiences. 

Guiding Principles  

The following principles will guide our work:  

  • We will recognize and understand that the client committee members are experts in providing their personal experience and knowledge on their experiences within the Alzheimer Society of Grey-Bruce. 
  • We will respect the opinions of the care partners and people with dementia.  
  • We will support and encourage Client Advisors to share their stories and perspectives.  
  • We will ensure that everyone has an equal voice in the meetings.  


Who can be a Client Advisor? 

To be a Client Advisor, one must currently receive or have received support from the Alzheimer Society of Grey-Bruce in the last two years. This includes family members, care partners, and people living with dementia.  

We strive to create a diverse and inclusive committee that will not discriminate on demographic factors or other social determinants of health. Your experience as a person living with dementia or a care partner is most important.

Qualities of a Client Advisor

Members of the Client Advisory Committee will:

  • Support and respect other members’ thoughts and opinions
  • Be active listeners
  • Respect the values and mission of the organization
  • Ensure respect for the privacy and confidentiality of other members and the Alzheimer Society of Grey-Bruce
  • Uphold an unbiased and open-minded attitude

Time Commitment

The time commitment varies based on special projects. However, the Client Advisory Committee seeks to meet a minimum of two times a year and a maximum of four times a year. Each meeting will be approximately 2 hours.  

Committee members will determine the meeting location and medium (e.g., online or in-person) prior to the day of the meeting.  

Members of the Client Advisory Committee will commit to a one-year term with the potential to remain on the committee for up to two years.

Becoming a Client Advisor

To become an Alzheimer Society of Grey-Bruce Client Advisor, you must fill out and submit a Volunteer Application Form, which you can access here. Once you have submitted your application, an Alzheimer Society of Grey-Bruce staff member will contact you for an interview. 

If you have any questions related to the application, please contact: 

Alzheimer Society of Grey Bruce Team Leader, Cindy Zettler 

(519) 376-7230, Ext. 1138