Care Partner Privacy Resources

Access health privacy and consent resources via the Ontario Caregiver Organization.

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Health Privacy and Consent Resources

Having information about patient/client care and recovery can be an important part of the caregiving role. Yet, Ontario’s health privacy laws and rules are complex and it can be difficult for both healthcare providers and caregivers to understand how to communicate as partners in care while ensuring patient privacy.

When caregivers and providers have a better understanding of health privacy laws, it can help everyone feel more informed and empowered to make these laws work to support the best possible patient care.

There is not always an easy “yes” or “no” answer to health privacy questions. The following resources provide general information that can:

  • Enhance training and education for care providers
  • Be given to caregivers by care providers to inform and empower caregivers
  • Help both caregivers and care providers understand the consent and privacy requirements in the legislation so they can work as partners in care to optimize care and support for patients

To access resources via the Ontario Caregiver Organization, click here.

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