Music and Memories: The iPod Program


Music enhances the lives of people living with with dementia or related illnesses and can provide meaningful stimulation, and can improve mood and a calm environment. Learn more about the Alzheimer Society of Grey-Bruce's music program.

Download the information on this page as a PDF: ASGB Music & Memory: IPod Program.

What is the iPod Program?

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Using iPod technology, this program aims to provide a person living with dementia with a musical intervention that is designed to stimulate memory, encourage engagement and support self-expression and sense of identity. 

The Alzheimer Society of Grey-Bruce is committed to enhancing the quality of life for persons living with dementia. In light of the growing body of research supporting the benefit of using music to connect and engage persons living with this diagnosis, the ASGB will strive to make this information more widely known as well as accessible.

The ASGB’s iPod project will involve two components:

  1. Providing persons eligible (see Who can join, below) for this program with an iPod shuffle and headset complete with a personalized playlist.
    • Participants get to choose the type of music they would like loaded onto their iPod and may keep all equipment until the 3 month follow-up interview, at which time needs will be reassessed.
    • Regular follow ups will be made by Support Councillor at the ASGB to evaluate the benefits of the music strategy.
    • Participants are asked to to return the iPod and headset to the ASGB. We would like to provide this service to as many clients as possible.
  2. Facilitating public information on the benefits of music.
    • Participants will be encouraged to utilize their own resources; however access to a broad range of music and the development of a personalized playlist can be supplied by the ASGB.

Who can join?

  • The iPod recipient requires a formal diagnosis of dementia
  • The person with dementia or caregiver must reside within Grey-Bruce County
  • The caregiver must agree to provide feedback for the project both when signing up and after 3 months’ time
  • The person with dementia must reside at home
  • For persons with hearing impairments, considerations should be made to ensure iPod does not interfere with hearing devices, in order that they receive the full benefit of the program.

What will I receive?

All eligible participants will receive

  • One iPod Shuffle with in-ear headphones and USB cable.
  • One set of over-the-ear headphones.
  • One wall charger.
  • Free technical assistance for set up and ongoing maintenance.

Contact the Alzheimer Society Grey-Bruce for more information: 519-376-7230 or 1-800-265-9013.

Music & Memory: How to create a personalized playlist for your loved one at home

This eight-page PDF can show you how to find your loved one's favourite music, how to create an iTunes account, how to help your loved one learn to use an iPod and more.

Music & Memory: How to create a personalized playlist for your loved one at home.

Support the program!

Wanted – the following:

  • Gently used iPod shuffles,
  • iTunes gift cards or
  • Financial donations

Frequently asked questions

Q. Is the Music & Memory: iPod Project only appropriate for people in the early stages of the disease?

A. No, the Music & Memory iPod Project can prove beneficial to people in every stage of the disease.

Q. Do I need a computer to participate?

A. No, we will set up and load your iPod with personalized music in our office.

Q. Is the iPod mine to keep or is it loaned to me?

A. Although the iPod is yours to borrow, if at any time you decide that you no longer need or want the IPod, we ask that you please donate the iPod back to us to be given to someone else.

Other questions?

Contact Alzheimer Society Support Councillor at 519-376-7230 or 1-800-265-9013.

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