First Link® Care Navigation

Get the assistance you need connecting to various dementia support and services. Our First Link® Care Navigator can help get you started.

Seeking direction

Photo by Ethan Sykes on Unsplash

Care navigation can be complicated.  We are here to help.

If you or someone you are supporting is newly diagnosed with dementia, has a diagnosis pending and/or have not accessed other supports in the community and don't know where to start - our First Link® Care Navigator is here for you.

A First Link® Care Navigator can be your Go To Person to:

  • help assess your needs
  • create a support plan that's right for you
  • connect and coordinate your services
  • follow up to be sure things are working
  • support you along the way

The First Link® Care Navigator will develop a plan of care with the clients and make internal/external referrals to help achieve the client’s stated goals.  They may initiate case conferences to help address needs and attend meetings and service appointments to help facilitate a warm transition to newly introduced people and services.  Unless specified by the client, the First Link® Care Navigator will provide intentional follow-up with clients throughout the duration of their disease.

To speak with our First Link® Care Navigator please call our office at 705-722-1066 to start the intake process.