Give at work

Looking for ways to give back? Start with giving at work! Many organizations offer their employees the opportunity to make donations to their charity of choice through payroll deductions and matching gift programs.


Find out how to set-up payroll deductions to donate to your local Alzheimer Society or if your organization has a matching gift program!

Payroll Deductions

Organizations can make the Alzheimer Society of Ontario their charity of choice through payroll deductions. Employees have the option to make a donation each pay or as a one-time annual gift. Contact your organization's Human Resources department to learn more about payroll deduction donations.

Matching Gift Programs

Many companies encourage their employees, spouses, or retirees to donate to causes close to their hearts by offering a "matching gift" program.

What is a matching gift program?

Companies that offer matching gift programs donate funds to match your contribution to the same charity. These programs increase the value of your gift and help you make a greater impact in your community. By taking advantage of your company's Matching Gift program, you may be able to double, or even triple, the amount of your contribution!

Find out if your employer has a Matching Gift program by searching below or by checking with your Human Resources department.



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