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Help people living with dementia and their care partners find the programs that are a perfect match for their situation. For every dollar you give, the Catherine Booth & Michael Kirk Social Recreation Fund will match you twice, turning your $1 into $3.

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A Perfect Match Triples Your Impact

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Stay connected with us for more information, tips, and modified programming updates during COVID-19 isolation.

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Programs and services

The Alzheimer Society of Ontario offers programs and services to help people living with dementia, care partners, and healthcare professionals get the support they need most.

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Social with a Purpose

Social with a Purpose is a do-it-yourself fundraiser that promotes the importance of socializing, staying in touch, and building strong, positive relationships with your friends, family, and community.

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Social with a Purpose - A New Reason to Stay Connected

Fundraise and participate

Find ways that you can participate and be a fundraiser for the Alzheimer Society of Ontario to help support and raise awareness for people living with dementia!

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Fundraise & Participate