Pre-Budget Submission


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Alzheimer Society of Ontario

Pre-Budget Submission

Each year the Alzheimer Society, along with dozens of other organisations and individuals, submits recommendations for funding and policy ideas we want to see included in the annual provincial budget. This submission lays out our top priorities for improving dementia care in Ontario.

Our most recent 2022 submission, entitled “A Dementia Care System for All Ontarians”, makes eight recommendations:

  1. Commit to a home-and community-centric system of care for Ontarians living with dementia.
  2. Create a dedicated funding stream for dementia-specific respite services
  3. Support more Ontarians living with dementia, their care partners, and families with an investment of $3.26 million in First Link® System Navigation.
  4. Explore innovative staffing models to divert people living with dementia away from hospital emergency departments.
  5. Reduce unnecessary hospital visits by funding transitional community supports for people living with dementia moving to a long-term care home.
  6. Mandate a minimum standard of dementia-specific knowledge and skills to give long-term care home staff the tools they need to care with compassion.
  7. Respond to the number one need expressed by care partners and implement a new, refundable provincial Primary Caregiver Tax Credit.
  8. Remove barriers to self-directed care funding by expanding program eligibility to include people living with dementia and their care partners and/or power of attorney.

Click below to read our full 2022 pre-budget submission.

2022 Pre-Budget Submission

Learn about how the Alzheimer Society of Ontario wants to create a Dementia Care System for All Ontarians in our 2022 pre-budget submission.

ASO Pre-Budget Submission Cover

Past Submissions

2021 Pre-Budget Submission

Learn about the Alzheimer Society of Ontario's Build Back Better pre-budget submission in 2021.

ASO Pre-Budget Submission Cover
2020 Pre-Budget Submission

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ASO Pre-Budget Submission Cover