Dementia-Friendly Communities


A dementia friendly community is one where people living with dementia and their care partners are welcomed, included and supported. It is a community that pays attention to the social and physical needs of the person living with dementia to ensure they feel comfortable and safe.

Senior couple on a nice walk together.

Dementia Friendly Communities training provides local businesses and organizations with education to increase understanding, reduce stigma, and help support those living with dementia and their care partners.

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What is a dementia-friendly community?

A dementia-friendly community is a community that

  • UNDERSTANDS dementia and the challenges that people living with dementia face in their community
  • ENCOURAGES the inclusion and independence of people living with dementia
  • ASSISTS people living with dementia in the most appropriate and helpful ways
  • VALUES and welcomes people living with dementia in their businesses and establishments

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