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What does the Charter mean to Canadians living with dementia? The ability to participate in decisions that affect our lives is a fundamental human right. Alzheimer Societies across Canada are inviting persons with dementia to become involved in the work of the Society.

Read what the members of our Advisory Group of people with dementia have to say.

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Outline of people standing together and talking

Why meaningful engagement matters

Meaningful engagement is a person-centred approach that encourages and invites people with dementia to participate with purpose and interest.

Participation includes actively contributing ideas, skills and abilities, while recognizing that individual participation will vary, depending on abilities, personal histories and available opportunities.

People with dementia remind us, “nothing about us without us.” The Canadian Charter of Rights for People with Dementia was created with meaningful engagement through the participation of people who live with dementia. Firsthand experience and knowledge of the disease ensure that the Charter is comprehensive and reflective of their needs.

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Last Updated: 09/05/2018