“Jim’s Story” goes live on YouTube, promotes Dementia-Friendly Communities

Alzheimer’s Advocate Jim Mann, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2007, is having his story told in a new video called “Jim’s Story” about Dementia-Friendly Communities. Developed in partnership by the Alzheimer Society B.C. and the City of Vancouver, the video covers Jim’s experience of living with dementia and how communities can support people impacted by the disease. The new seven minute video can be viewed and shared here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ynYNKMTkhs.


“Jim’s Story” goes live on YouTube, promotes  Dementia-Friendly Communities

Launching on the Alzheimer Society of B.C. YouTube channel November 2, 2015, the video can be seen online and shared on social media to encourage British Columbians to mobilize around creating their own Dementia-Friendly Communities.

In the video, Jim highlights how there is no typical experience for a person living with dementia, which affects individuals in different ways. Jim eloquently states in the video: “We all have a role in creating more inclusive dementia-friendly communities.” This declaration encourages individuals and communities to make more inclusive cities and beyond.

Alzheimer Society of B.C. CEO Maria Howard says “Jim’s Story is an excellent way to spread awareness about our Dementia-Friendly Communities initiative and we are so grateful to the City of Vancouver for partnering with us to make the video a reality. We look forward to more people coming on board to make positive community change and the opportunity the release of ‘Jim’s Story’ represents.”

Sixty per cent of people with dementia live in the community by themselves or with a caregiver. Although many people with dementia live well in the community for quite a long time, staying engaged in the activities a person once enjoyed can become more difficult as their cognitive abilities change. Meanwhile, stigma, as well as social and physical barriers, can make it harder for people with dementia to feel supported and remain involved in their communities.

Through the Dementia-Friendly Communities initiative the Alzheimer Society of B.C.  works with municipalities, the general public, organizations and professional groups to build communities that are more inclusive, supportive and accessible for people with dementia.

“Jim’s Story” is just one of the City of Vancouver’s efforts to become more dementia-friendly and is an example of the many people working to build more supportive communities across B.C.

Last Updated: 03/03/2015