More resources on dementia diagnosis disclosure

A listing of helpful resources and learning tools for health care providers, patients and care partners related to the National Dementia Guidelines: Disclosing and Communicating a Diagnosis of Dementia.

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Helpful resources for health care providers

Alzheimer Society of Canada's resources for health care providers

  • CLEAR Communication Toolkit 
    The Compassionate Language and Empathetic Approaches for Respectful Dementia Disclosure (CLEAR) Communication Toolkit supports health-care providers in putting the National Dementia Guidelines into practice. The Toolkit includes a flow diagram of the steps involved in communicating a dementia diagnosis and a script to help health care providers communicate dementia diagnoses.
  • Communicating a diagnosis of dementia infographic 
    This one-page, printable PDF is designed for health-care providers to use as a visual, an appointment reference or a handout. It provides a quick summary of the eight recommendations in these guidelines. This asset has been reviewed by user groups.
  • Resources for health care providers 

Resources for communicating and disclosing a dementia diagnosis

Resources for approaches to care

Helpful resources for patients and care partners

Dementia related information and resources

Culturally specific information and resources

Black Physicians of Canada

  • Building a community of Black physicians and physicians-in-training as well as creating social networks and learning together

Black Health Alliance

  • Community-led registered charity working to improve the health and well-being of Canada’s 1.2 million Black people in Canada.

Black Therapists List

  • Directory listing of Black therapists in Canada.

Canada Chinese Nurses Association

  • A platform for knowledge exchange between Chinese Canadian nurses.

Canadian Black Nurses Alliance

  • Seeks to foster an alliance across Canada of Black Nursing leaders that cover the full spectrum of nursing

Chinese Canadian Medical Society (Ontario)

  • Develops and promotes the professional and cultural well-being of Chinese Canadians in the medical profession. Serves as a resource on general medical health, and on health issues related particularly to the Chinese in North America.

Dementia information in Chinese. Alzheimer Society of Canada.

Federation of Chinese American and Chinese Canadian Medical Societies

  • Advocates for enhancing the medical care of Chinese in North America and facilitates the professional development of Chinese American and Chinese Canadian physicians.

Health Association of African Canadians (HAAC)

  • Promotes the health of Black Nova Scotian women and their families through community mobilization, development and research.

Jamaican Canadian Association of Nurses (JCAN)

  • Promotes senior health and wellness in the Black community and other underserved populations.