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Apply to the Alzheimer Society Research Program

Find out how to apply to the latest Research Competition and get guidelines and tips for applying.

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What can increase dementia risk by 80%?

Traumatic brain injury in midlife can increase a person’s relative dementia risk by an average of 80%. Your support is crucial to help those living with a life-altering dementia diagnosis.

Check out the new hub for young caregivers.

Kids, teens and young adults help care for people living with dementia. Visit the new hub for tips and advice for young caregivers.

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    Find your area’s Alzheimer Society

    No matter where you live in Canada, there is an Alzheimer Society that can help you find dementia programs, services and support.

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    10 warning signs of dementia

    Whether you’re concerned for yourself or someone you care about, it's important to know the most common warning signs of dementia and address any potential concerns.

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    10 ways to reduce your risk of dementia

    While some dementia risk factors, like age and genetics, can't be changed, you can take action to reduce your risk today.

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