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First Link®

First Link is a program that links persons with dementia and their care partners, as early as possible in the disease process, to coordinated learning, services, and support form the point of diagnosis throughout the continuum of the disease.  We accept referrals to the First Link program from individuals, family members, and health providers.  After a referral has been made, the First Link Coordinator will:

  • Offer dementia education and ongoing support for the person with dementia and family members;
  • Assess for other Alzheimer Society programs (e.g., Safely Home®, Recreation Therapy, volunteer visiting, behaviour support);
  • Make referrals to other appropriate community services.

If you are a health provider and would like to make a referral to First Link or other Alzheimer Society programs, please download our Referral Form.

ONE Mail

We subscribe to ONE Mail Direct, a free comprehensive e-mail product developed by the provincial government (eHealth Ontario) for the purpose of sharing confidential messages such as personal health information between health care professionals in a secure fashion. For more information about ONE Mail, please click here.

ONE Mail subscribers can send health information securely using the following steps:

  1. Download, complete, and save the electronic Referral Form.
  2. Go to the ONE Mail site.  Within your ONE Mail account, choose Alzalgoma,FirstLink from the ONE pages, or just insert the First Link address (, and attach the completed referral form to the secure email.

  3. Click "Request a delivery receipt" in the options menu of the crafted email.

  4. Send the secure email.

  5. After receiving the "read receipt" confirmation, delete the completed referral form or ensure that it is saved securely as per your agency's privacy policies.

Non-ONE Mail Users

We continue to accept First Link referrals from non-ONE mail users.  However, we cannot accept electronic referrals if you do not use ONE Mail. Non-ONE Mail users may make a referral by fax or phone to the following numbers:

Sault Ste. Marie office: Fax: 705-256-6777

East Algoma Office: Fax: 705-848-9528

North Algoma Office: Fax: 705-356-0336

ONE Mail General Information

ONE Mail Direct is a free, comprehensive e-mail product developed by the provincial government (eHealth Ontario) for the purpose of sharing secure messages such as personal health information, between health care professionals in a secure fashion. ONE Mail Direct email accounts are hosted for free in our highly secure environment, and are accessible from any computer that is connected to the internet.

ONE Mail Direct allows subscribers to exchange secure e-mail messages with other participating organizations without worrying about privacy laws. ONE Pages, the main feature of ONE Mail Direct, is the central directory providing a comprehensive list of all the active ONE Mail subscribers within participating organizations. Contact information in ONE Pages is updated every 12 hours.

• Features built-in anti-virus and anti-spam filters.
• E-mail communications are automatically encrypted while traversing the eHealth Ontario Network.
• Reliable, scalable, highly available service.
• E-mail accounts are based on Microsoft Outlook and can even be used as a back-up system should your regular e-mail fail.
• Every contact appearing in ONE Pages has been registered through the ONE ID process, giving healthcare providers the assurance that contacts are who they say they are.
• Training documentation is provided to guide end users in the secure use of ONE Mail.

Behaviour Support

Behaviour Supports Ontario is a province-wide initiative that aims to improve quality of life for persons with dementia and their care partners by helping to manage responsive behaviours.  Our Behaviour Support Facilitator can assist with responsive behaviours through activities such as behaviour mapping and caregiver education.  If you are a health care provider and would like to make a referral to the Behaviour Support program, please use our BSO Referral Form or call us at 705-942-2195.

Customized Education Programs

In addition to the First Link® Learning Series for people with dementia and their care partners, we provide customized education programs to a wide variety of target groups. Training sessions, workshops, and public presentations are available on many dementia-related topics. Examples of various workshops/presentations and their target audiences include:

  • Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA) in Dementia Care – a one-day workshop for health care workers in a variety of care settings
  • U-First! – a one-day workshop for front-line health care workers in a variety of care settings
  • Topic specific sessions such as Overview of Dementia, Communicating with the Person with Dementia, etc.

For more information on our Education and Awareness program, or to request a presentation, please contact us at one of our offices located on the Contact Us page.

Print and Audiovisual Resources

The links below provide a wide assortment of resources that will be helpful for persons with dementia, their care partners, and health professionals.

Alzheimer Society Brochures and Publications

Other Resources for the Person with Dementia

Other Resources for Caregivers

Video Library

Alzheimer Society of Canada Language Guidelines


Websites for Dementia Resources


  • Canadian Dementia Resource And Knowledge Exhange (CDRAKE) – shares dementia resources and knowledge both in-person and online for industry, researchers, clinicians, policy makers, people with dementia, and caregivers
  • The Alzheimer Knowledge Exchange (AKE) – an Ontario-based website that facilitates the exchange of information, innovation and expertise among caregivers, educators, researchers and policy makers
  • - the online home of the Centre for Studies in Aging & Health at Providence Care. It is a web-based resource for geriatric patients, their caregivers and health professionals in south-east Ontario and beyond.
  • The Kenneth G. Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program - A unit of the Centre for Applied Health Research (CAHR) of the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, University of Waterloo in Ontario, MAREP is in partnership with six long-term care facilities (Innovation Centres) where onsite research on best practices and innovative approaches is conducted.
  • DriveABLE™ - An effective tool to determine whether someone with a medical condition is able to drive safely.

  • Last Updated: 11/08/2017