MKGG Fundraiser Spotlight: Jennifer Dowdeswell

Jennifer Dowdeswell

“No matter where I am in the world or who I end up talking to, I find people that have some connection to dementia,” says Jennifer Dowdeswell, who is fundraising for the 2016 MKGG Climb for Alzheimer’s this September.

Seeing so many people touched by the disease has motivated Jennifer to participate in MKGG for the past 3 years. This year she’s decided to share some knowledge about dementia throughout her fundraising efforts. She created a video and 5 free informative documents which are on a webpage that she is directing people to check out. On that page she also talks about her fundraising efforts, which are lofty. The more that Jennifer raises, the more times she’s willing to do the Grind that day. If she raises the full amount ($150,000) she’ll be doing the Grind seven times – a total of 20,000 uphill steps.

For Jennifer, it isn’t just about raising funds, it’s about raising awareness.

She stays motivated remembering the people living with the disease and their caregivers. “I remember receiving my first donation, the first time I fundraised for MKGG. I saw the email showing who had donated and I got emotional. I was floored that it moved me so much.”

Funds raised by MKGG Climb for Alzheimer’s go towards support services, education and information for thousands of British Columbians affected by the disease. “The Society’s support services are incredible,” Jennifer says. “Knowing that more and more people will have dementia, I just want to be sure the help is already out there when needed.”

People living with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias face an uphill journey every day; passionate supporters like Jennifer are going up the mountain to show that they don’t need to make the dementia journey alone. Want to be a part of it? Register and fundraise today.

Last Updated: 11/08/2017