Meet our Investors Group Walk for Alzheimer's Fraser Valley honouree: the Chilliwack Primary Care Seniors Clinic

Experiencing the first signs of dementia and receiving a diagnosis often invokes fear and confusion.  Chilliwack residents who are just starting out on their dementia journey can replace that anxiety with knowledge and support at a specialized care clinic. Since its inception in 2012, the Chilliwack Primary Care Seniors Clinic at Chilliwack General Hospital has been a hub for information and referrals tailored to the needs of people experiencing cognitive changes. At the heart of the operation is an extraordinary team of geriatric nurse clinicians, family physician, geriatrician, psychiatrist, and pharmacist. This team of experts provides guidance to an increasing number of people in the Fraser Valley.

Laura, one of the geriatric nurse clinicians, describes a typical day in the senior’s clinic as focused on addressing complex issues for people affected by dementia through the development of care plans, providing information on treatments and empowering people with tools to make healthy lifestyle changes. In addition to sharing recommendations with family physicians, the team also connects people living with dementia to the Alzheimer Society of B.C.

“When people know what they’re up against, what dementia is and how to handle things, they can deal with it,” says Laura, who was also a family caregiver to someone living with dementia. “They just need people in the health-care system who can problem-solve with them and be their lifeline. That’s what keeps them living in their homes and the community for as long as they can.

Barring urgent appointments, the clinic is currently booking out four months in advance. Despite the growing need for their services, Laura reserves an hour and a half for each new visitor.

“When people feel that you’re invested in them and their own plan of care, the buy-in is huge. That’s what improves their quality of life.”

Walk with the team from Chilliwack Primary Care Seniors Clinic at the Fraser Valley Investors Group Walk for Alzheimer's on Sunday, May 6. Together, we make memories matter.

Last Updated: 04/30/2018