Toileting and incontinence

Dementia can affect many aspects of a person's daily routine, including control over urination or defecation (incontinence). For a lot of us, this can be a touchy or awkward subject because it can be difficult to accept help in this intimate area of our lives, particularly from someone we’re close to.

Senior holding the handrail in a bathroom.

Tips for reducing accidents

In some situations, bowel or bladder control issues may be preventable. If toileting becomes a challenge, try the following to help with your specific situation:

Dealing with accidents

Accidents happen. Stay calm and try to ease any embarrassment the person might be feeling.

Keep the person dry and clean. If accidents continue, disposable underwear, panty liners (for women) or protective bedding might be helpful. Use them only if necessary and continue to take the person to the bathroom regularly.