10 Symptoms and Strategies videos

Faye, Anne and Sandra

Meet Faye, Anne and Sandra, three remarkable Nova Scotia women with early stage dementia, and hear them discuss their symptoms and the strategies they use to live well with dementia.

New Video

Darce Fardy joins Faye, Anne and Sandra, together facing the realities of dementia.

Video 1 – Anne talks about Memory Loss

Video 2 - Sandra talks about Difficulty Performing Familiar Tasks

Video 3 - Sandra talks about Problems with Language

Video 4 –– Sandra talks about Disorientation

Video 5 - Faye talks about Impaired Judgement

Video 6 - Anne talks about Abstract Thinking

Video 7 - Anne talks about Misplacing Things

Video 8 - Faye talks about Mood and Behaviour

Video 9 – Faye talks about Changes in Personality

Video 10: Faye talks about Loss of Initiative

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Download a discussion guide (pdf) that has been created as a resource when viewing the video series:
For Persons living with dementia
For Families and friends
For Health care providers

Télécharger une version française des guides de discussion (pdf):
Destiné aux personnes atteintes de la maladie d’Alzheimer ou une maladie apparentée
Destiné aux amis et aux familles
Destiné aux professionels de la santé

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Last Updated: 12/04/2018