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 Responding to an Incident Responding to an incident

Steps to follow when a person with dementia goes missing:

  1. Stay calm
  2. Call police (911) right away
  3. Stay home


     Call 911 right away, tell them a person with dementia has gone missing.

     Have the identification kit ready.

     Be ready to tell police when and where the person was last seen.

     If possible, describe what the person was wearing.

     Stay at home in case the person returns home.

     Do a quick search around the house.

     When the police arrive, provide them with the identification kit.

Take a deep breath and try to stay as calm as you can even though it is not easy. You are not alone. Others are there to help you. Going through the following checklist will help you bring the person with dementia home quickly and safely.

Download the checklist here

What to do when reuniting after a missing incident:

     Be prepared

    Prepare a change of clothing including underwear and outerwear.

     Approach calmly    

    Make sure they see you coming. Stay calm. Speak normally.

     Provide reassurance 

    Reassure them about where they are and why. Let them know you have been worried and are happy to see them return.

     Keep your perspective

    Remember that the behaviour is part of dementia. No one is to blame.

     Ask for help

    Your local Alzheimer Society can help. Visit for more information.

The person with dementia will often be anxious and confused when found. Following the strategies in the following checklist may help calm the person and encourage them to return home.

Download the checklist here

I support someone with dementia

 Download the tip sheet

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Last Updated: 11/08/2017